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    enjoy moto gp formula 1

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  1. jaydoor

    At What Speed Does A Baseball Hat Fly Off?

    wear a helmet !
  2. jaydoor

    Drums To Discs

    Hi could anyone give any advice im thinking of converting my zero from drums to discs i havent got a clue what i need or costs , can i buy all that i may need from anywhere or do i have to go down the gbs route thanks
  3. jaydoor

    Come On Buy Em

    Hi, no idea sorry, i would think standard
  4. jaydoor

    Come On Buy Em

    last few bits fuel king regulator NEW £30 sierra rear drums complete need a clean (sand blast etc) and front calipers £30 sierra steering wheel £10 mini i think , wiper arms, blades, (and bag of bits), also a wiper motor ill throw in not sure if it works but buyer can have because thats the type of bloke i am ! £15 gear box mount £5 cant think of anything else apart from my wife and the kids, ill have a think shouldnt take me to long !
  5. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    diff sold hubs sold
  6. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    shafts now sold handbrake sold stalks sold
  7. jaydoor

    Sierra Diff And Other Stuff

    thats great if you pm me ill give you my mobile number thanks
  8. jaydoor

    Sierra Diff And Other Stuff

    HI sierra diff for sale i believe 3.62, absolute bargin £60 steering wheel another bargin £10 front hubs £45 for the two bargin, again giving them away
  9. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    Hi sorry for late reply it is still available thanks
  10. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    diff ratio 3.62
  11. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    steering column now sold ignition barrel sold
  12. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    gearbox now sold
  13. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    yes rob no problem
  14. jaydoor

    Spare Parts

    Hi for sale sierra diff and shafts £90 steering column wheel and stalks £90 fuel king regulator new £35 rear drums complete £40 gearbox mounts x2 £5 each stalks x2 £20 ignition barrel new £5 front hubs £70 hand brake £20 type 9 gear box needs attention spline wont turn may be something simple £40
  15. jaydoor

    Engine Stand

    For sale heavy duty engine stand 360 rotation can be dismantled £50