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  1. We will finally be making an outing
  2. h34ds

    Sat Nav

    Same as Bob - over the speedo.
  3. Well they were pretty worn, in one spot the teeth were not existent. Put a new one in and 10 minutes later - the pedal feels great again.
  4. Thanks got that Nigel, I was assuming the teeth were worn and I need to replace it. I will take a look this winter as its the last major niggle I have with it
  5. I have this problem and is on my winter fix list. Also - every now and again when I depress the clutch it will jump off the ratchet - is this a sign of wear, ill alignment or a new unit? I suppose I will have to take the top off and take a look but any suggestions to stop this happening would be great - I don't fancy it 'snapping out whilst in gear and in traffic and lurching forward!.
  6. h34ds

    Garage Size

    Sorry mate- he even text me to say he was going to yours on sunday. Ill not be recommending him again!
  7. h34ds

    Garage Size

    Will be good Jaimo Did Alex not turn up??
  8. Cant do this one im afraid
  9. h34ds


    Did Alex get in touch mate?
  10. No your car was in the car park - nice paintwork - liking the orange
  11. Im not going to tease u either jaimo - as last time I did Karma struck and the car wouldn't start!
  12. Yes why not Jaimo! What time?
  13. Yep should be there for this one
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