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  1. my current front brakes are from non abs sierra - so 54mm piston and floating calipers with 240 mm brake disc. Rear brakes are sierra disc brakes 253 mm with standard sierra floating calipers 43mm piston. Brake master cylinder is from ford ka 20,6 mm. If I want to upgrade I can buy these wilwood callipers and they should be same as ABS sierra brakes which are 60mm piston floating caliper with 260mm brake disc. With this upgraded setup it should not be overbraked at the rear compared what I have now (even though I am using adjustable proportioning valve for the rear). My thinking was that I can buy standard sierra 260mm brakes or I can buy this wilwood brakes.
  2. but standard sierra caliper is floating, so you have to multiply the area by 2. At leaset it is what they say here: http://brakepower.com/help_abc_27_PAC_t.htm According the calculation it will be probably 41,1 diameter of piston on fixed wilwood caliper (5304.12 mm^2). This should be to be similar with sierra floating caliper with 60mm piston (5652 mm^2). I will e-mail them what piston diameter it is.
  3. thank you very much. This is exactly what I was looking for but did not found it. If this is a sierra kit I suppose that it should work with standard master cylinder and sierra rear disc brakes, right?
  4. well spotted that these are for the rear probably. Does anyonw know what kit should fit on the front? https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=3940 I do not know if the bracket would fit. Or does standard 260mm sierra front brakes with mintex 1144 pad withstand track use?
  5. if I buy these then the bracket wouldn't be necessary right? Powerlite - 257mm Solid Kit http://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=10508
  6. If I want to upgrade from 240 mm vented front brakes to 260mm do I only need discs, callipers and pads? Hubs are the same?
  7. it's not necessary. I've picked it up repaired at the local cardan specialist today. Tomorrow I am going to install it, so no problem. They did all the work now and also 6 months ago. But this time they installed different type of the U joints. Or I think that because the nipple for adding grease is completely different. All I wanted to know if anyone had same problems, and also to know how often should I grease the u-joints and what type of grease should I use.
  8. oh my mistake. Of course it is propshaft. Well it lasted only 6 months, so maybe once a year it is not enough.
  9. well, they said that they were dry and it was the reason why they failed. There are traces of grease, bud not that much:
  10. Hello, my drive shafts u-joints on my robin hood 2b failed after 3k kilometers after rebuilding them (rebuild was done at the end of the March). They said, that they wasn't lubricated. I did not know that it was necessary to lubricate them. How often should I do it? They said once a year, but mine failed after 6 months. Or is it possible that I have too much power for this driveshaft? Robin hood 2b, Zetec 170HP 210Nm
  11. Monty_CZ

    wet trackday

    It turns out that ruberred wet track is a good practise for winter driving
  12. exactly. I do no know how it is in England, but here it's very rare to see something like this on the road. I have a very positive reactions from the people. A lot of thumbs up and waves. It's nice to see that it just brings the happines on the street. Especially children . A lot of mums just point at it so that their children do not miss it. And also it's the only car to which even bikers give a wave.
  13. I strongly recommend it. It's different world there. You go to do some grocery shopping and parking lot is full of porsches, bmws, amgs, mclarens etc. Almost no normal cars. This BTG layout is 19.10 km / 11.87 miles long.
  14. it's 2 litre blacktop zetec with motorbike ITBs, EasyECU, 170HP
  15. Hello! Finally my dream come true, I drove my Hood on Nordschleife. It was a blast. Problem here is that in the compresions it bottoms out with rear subframe. So I had to take it quite carefully. Was still surprised that with so many supercars around it still turned a few heads. I did not found much videos on youtube with someone driving Hood on Nordschleife, so I though I will share it with you:
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