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    Robin Hood 2B Strut Front End - Yuk to Wishbones
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    Have just started work on a 2nd generation failed project 2B. In the process of stripping it right back to basics as 1st & 2nd owners left very much to be desired.

    Engine is a 2.0L Pinto with 205 block. First job is converting chassis from solid front end to wishbones.

    I would be grateful of your advice on my masochistic journey, I'll surely need it.

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  1. Ian, I was in the same position last year, the only conversion kit that I found was steel and not stainless, The 2b I have is stainless, however its not the 300 series stainless ( 304 / 316 / 321) so I'm going "Freestyle" and have acquired odds and sods of stainless to do it. Having now stripped away the body panels I have found that the tube is 400 series. As far as I can find its the type used for exhaust systems but perhaps more importantly can be welded to steel by mig - though worth checking on a welding forum what wire is best. The stainless grade is clearly etched on the tube of my chassis so I think will be found on yours to - regret can't remember what the exact spec last 2 digits are off the top of my head. Had I known this before I started I doubt if it would have changed my original approach, I'm making 4 new cross members from a 50 x 50 x 2mm 316 box section I was given - wishbones will be fabricated in steel tube. Now deciding what original tube to cut away. ------------------------- If anyone who is reading this is going to Stoneleigh with a wishbone converted 2B on the 5th I'd be pleased to run my eye and tape over it if you would allow. -------------------------- Wilksy
  2. Jim, Too late, it was in the post first thing this morning Thanks anyway Wilksy
  3. Jim, Plate arrived today. I'll take a template from it as well as dimensions and return it to you. I will need to make a plate to suit the Corsa 1.7CDTI rear brake calipers I've got - the mounting hole centres / position and carrier are longer than the Ford ones by around 30mm. I'll also need to check the offset - Caliper to plate and disc Thanks for your speedy help it has saved me a lot of work in the cold and on my knees Wilksy
  4. Jim, Its not a problem as I mainly need the profile for the hub mounting, I think the hub of the 2.0L sierra and the 4 x 4 are basically the same at the axle end, the 4 x 4 having the addition of the caliper mounting projection and ears- thus the need for the plate. To mount the Corsa calipers the caliper holes will need to be set. As the Disc is basically the same dia (248mm against 253mm) the mount area is likely to be similar. There may also be the need to adjust the position of the caliper axially to mate with the disc. Once I've got things sorted and working / IVA'd I'll make dimensions known to the club Wilksy
  5. Error in earlier message, Calipers are Corsa 1.7TD not Astra.
  6. Gents, Thanks for getting back to me. Big Jim, I have a plasma cutter / machine shop and plate so can cut out, drill etc. Not sure what you have as a sample - a piece of card of the shape would be fine - hub bolting pattern / centre dimensions would be useful though main thing would be the angle to the caliper fixing centre from axle centre. Dean, Thanks, I'm a masochist so looking to make them myself, if you have a 2D dimension drawing in PDF from your CAD file based on a Sierra 2.0L back end I'd be grateful I'm looking to cut from 6mm plate and mount Astra 1.7 td rear calipers so will sort out any mounting / offset etc
  7. A, Has anyone got a dimensioned drawing or sketch for a caliper mounting plate to mount on to a standard rear hub Sierra hub, to save me getting cold B, I think brake balance front to rear for IVA is 60 / 40 is this correct? I'm converting my 2B to rear discs - (not necessary I know - I just like discs) - using the same as on the front 253mm dia, is this the best way using a fixed balancing valve to give 60/40 or to reduce disc dia and caliper position from disc centre if so to what? Wilksy
  8. Snapperpaul, That would be a great help, If you let me have the dropbox ref I'd be grateful - e mail John_v_wilks@yahoo.co.uk. Could let me know if it was a Freelance conversion or Kit Thanks Wilksy
  9. Bob, Many thanks, most helpful details. Looks like I should also increase ride height from 130mm to 160mm, it evidently works for them on road going cars. Wilksy
  10. Mr Toad, Thanks, the thought had been going through my mind, I had the previous book initial edition "Sports Car for £250" by a guy called Champion, but for the life of me can't find it - A trip to the library I think Will revise camber design to 1 deg. Wilksy
  11. Gents, Thanks for responses, much appreciated. Mark B, thanks I've looked at the kit, its a bit pricey for me and requires a fair amount of work to fit anyway, however as a geriatric masochist with plenty of time on my hands I'll have a go freelance. Mr Toad, Thanks but I think its a bit far off piste at present Brumpster, You're probably right, other members whats the general consensus of opinion for front end camber - power block is a 2l Pinto Maccavvy, Thanks for the information. Wilksy
  12. Members Help Please I'm just bucking up courage to attack the beast with a grinder to convert the sliding pillar to wishbones. I dare say I'm not the first. I've gathered the following materials together to undertake the work myself:- Mk5 Cortina Front Hubs and 304 stl st 50mm sq tube for cross members, general stainless for gussets/ brackets etc + panel sheet, I also have a good set of tools and Tig / Mig Welders Has anyone personally undertaken wishbone conversion either from scratch or from a proprietary kit? I'm now retired so time is no longer a constraint, though want to complete the beast this year. I'm' looking for guidance on set up dimensions and wishbone tube diameter / section thickness as well as Pitfalls to avoid I'm also a little unsure as to top & bottom ball joints - whether to go with Rose joints or Ford / Makers assemblies - any advice I'm looking to aim for 5 deg Castor and 3 deg Neg Camber with a road height around 130mm. Rear end is Standard Sierra with no camber change. Ideally it would be good to view finished or nearly finished wishbone conversion, I would travel a reasonable distance Hope to hear from anyone who can help Wilksy
  13. Maca, I'm looking to convert my "B from Sliding Pillar to Wishbones. The 2B has never been completed and is a 2nd adoption kit so are likely to be generally as new. If you want the bits free let me know. I'm in Highbridge Somerset and just need the inspiration / never to attack the beast with the grinder Wilksy
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