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  1. Hi there, Once again many thanks to everyone for helping me out. Largely down to all the help and advice you have given me I have managed to sort out all the problems so far and I am now at final assembly stage. Just a quick query before I get started, I have had the springs fitted on a dry run and know that they will compress down but I was just a bit concerned about how much pre tension they will be under. Never having messed about with this stuff before it may be perfectly fine but I just thought I would check first. The picture shows below that the uncompressed Spring is just under 230 long. I need to compress it to 165 to make it fit. Does this sound normal? There are no markings on the springs to help us I am afraid. Many thanks in advance. Once again sorry if this has been covered 1000 times already, Drew
  2. And again! Does this look like the studs i need? Pretty confident but always worth a second opinion. The knurling looks a bit shorter but I'm sure it will do the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/370736275141 Ford Competition Metric M12 x 1.5mm 63mm Wheel Stud 25mm Longer x 8
  3. This is an image of the hub as it is about a third of the way up the pillar. As you can see the front disk is fouling on the edge of the frame. In fact in this image it is resting on it. Regardless of dampers and other ancillary items I still have an issue. You might also be able to see I have already angle grinded a bit of the wishbone but any more and I am getting perilously close to those two holes. (PS- what are they for? I understand why they are on the top ones to retain the pillar but not the bottom ones) Any thoughts? Cheers, Drew
  4. Hi again, this is a picture of the hub at the lowest point. I appreciate I need to source a rubber damper to go between the hub and the bottom frame wishbone arm so in reality it will sit higher.
  5. Wow! I never thought I would get this sort of positive response and so quickly! Many thanks to all of you for your comments and suggestions. In the first instance I'm going to take a load of pics and post these up for you too look at and help explain my problem in regards the catching disk. Having done some trawling through the site I can see that I am missing the lower rubber damper underneath the hub which i have long suspected was pretty essential! Having looked at a diagram someone very kindly posted I know the dimensions but could someone help me source them or at least give me a technical name for reference? At the risk of exposing myself to be the complete novice I really am, if I were to add these dampers beneath the hub would I need tobuy shorter coil springs to accommodate the shorter reach or do I assume that the coils that came with the car were designed to work with the damper in place? currently the brake disk sits around the bottom frame arm which if you're looking straight down the length of the car means that I have had to slide the disk on with the hole in the middle of the disk accommodating the frame arm. The problem is when the hub slides up the pillar it causes the lower arm to catch on the brake disk. Now, as I haven't fully re-assembled the front suspension I may find it doesn't move as much as I am thinking which might mean there is no problem but I suspect it will need that much travel. This problem is far better explained using some pictures so I will get on to that ASAP. In regards the short wheel studs I wrongly assumed they were spot welded or heat shrunk into place on the wheel plate so never dared tap them out. Any tips on easy/safe removal? Right then, I'll get some pictures on here as soon as I can and once again many thanks, Drew
  6. ...By the way, before anyone suggests getting wishbones, I'm not in a position financially to entertain the idea yet i'm afraid. They are on the list though :0)
  7. Hi there, Before I start I want to apologise in advance if this topic has been covered before, I have had a look through the posts and couldn't find anything directly relevant. As the title suggests I am building a 2b and trying to persevere with sliding pillar suspension on the front end. I was hoping you might know any members in the Yorkshire area who may have examples I could look at because I've come up against some big issues, namely the wheel studs are too short on the hub to fit any alloys on safely and the brake disk fouls on the lower frame mount in operation. This all seems to point towards having the wrong hubs (which I presume are straight off the donor vehicle -Sierra CVH 1.. The car was bought as an unfinished project and it would not be beyond the realms of possibility that are the wrong hubs given some of the other issues I have had to correct so far! I could really do with seeing if I'm missing something before I chuck them out though by having a gander at someone else's set-up. Sorry to be a pain but I'm sure you know the feeling, I've come too far to turn back now and I've managed to hold off pestering anyone up until now but I have to admit defeat :0) Many, many thanks in advance. I am really stuck on this one and any help would be great. Drew
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