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  1. Lavy


    I have a q plate but on the mot it comes up as a 72 but on the log book 2007 I think so may go of the year it was built not the age of doner car and I still get taxed £200 and something a year they do anything to get money out of u
  2. I am so jealous That is all I want looks beautiful
  3. Hi mate I don't suppose u have the round collet that sits between the alternator and the bracket on the under side. The bolt slides through it, fords don't sell them any more I have the 2l pinto I gussing all pintos are the same. Thanks. Tom.
  4. Lavy

    Radiator Choice

    Hi went on eBay and bought a alloy one of there to fit a escort / Sierra I think pretty much all the same my bottom outlet pipe is different to the ally one I got and have got move the water temp switch from the rad where it was originally on, to the water pipe work. I will be buying silicone pipes for the engine so wasn't worried about the bits I would need to change I think I paied £80 for mine by biding on it just measure your old rad and make sure the new one is the same size hope this helps.
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