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  1. Dont currently have a kit car, but the Freelander gets called Freeda.
  2. macca

    Red Arrows

    The Department of Culture, Media and Sport have deemed the RAF Red Arrows as Unsuitable for the 2012 Olympics because they are too British. I dont know about you but i always thought that at these sort of events, you show off the countries culture to the visitors. Looks like these days we are to afraid to upset anyone or afraid to be British, what ever that is these days ! Me i am proud to be british but i am a citizan of plant earth first. there is a petition below.. http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/RedArrows...=redArrows2012 http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/RedArrows2012/?ref=redArrows2012
  3. macca

    Centre Caps

    either ebay, or MWS (midlands wheel supplies) ??
  4. macca

    Clocks & Gauges

    Got mine 2nd hand from ebay - less than a tenner, they were old Triumph clocks. I also purchased a separate oil pressure guage from ebay too again less than a tenner. Its just a case of shopping around. Not too sure where to look for new items though Picks of the completed Dash on my website.
  5. Im only 5 foot 8, but im pushing 20 stone, so you'll have no trouble width ways :-)
  6. macca

    Helicopter Crash

    Just watched it on the news, another sad loss.
  7. Matt the current set up uses the front mcpherson struts from the Sierra, chopped off, turned upside down, and bolted in to bottom of the roll bar, this provides the top seat for the spring. If you whip a wheel off you will see the 8mm bolt holding it in place. Just for info its using standard Sierra springs at the moment. Not sure how to pre-load the spring but I'd be interested in seeing some pics. Macca
  8. I used a VG loom, its not perfect, but I'd use one again. biggest pain was connecting around the column switches as there are so many different types. The engine loom stays as is on the carb setup (wires from amplifier to dizzy, temp sensors etc), If I remember correctly the VG just took power from where the +ve hits the starter motor and also provides the switch wire to the alternator to start it. and 1 further wire to the amp. Apart from that its just: lights (easy), charging: VG loom has a plug ready for the alternator, dash - not too hard, just take it 1 wire/instrument at a time, column switches are a pain as mentioned. odds and sods - fuel sender, fog light switch, wiper motor, fuse box, etc are all quite easy. Take it 1 bit at a time and it should be done in a long weekend.
  9. macca

    Flexi Fuel Pipe

    Im struggling to attach these images, I used this stuff. i think its 48mm inside diameter, but its not marked for fuel. Its a good fit over the RH supplied steel tube that is used beind the fuel cap. it should be ok for SVA if the examiner cannot see it, so box it in!!!! Paypal me 3 quid to cover P&P for this peice? Pics below (I hope)
  10. macca

    Rc Plane

    I did have a proper 5 channel chopper, but it went for £280 on ebay last year. I crashed it twice and never got more than 12 inches of the ground.... Keep an eye on ebay something will come up.
  11. macca

    Electric Fan

    Keith I had similar trouble and ended up fitting a puller in front of the red and shrouding it so it acted as a pusher. It worked well, I could run the car up to temperature, switch in the fan and watch the temp guage drop. Does that make sense?
  12. macca

    Flexi Fuel Pipe

    I found a few foot of rubber hose (marked for fuel) in the garage. Not sure of the diameter, but it fitted on to the pinto fuel mechanical pump, will that do you? Ill get a pic of it tomorrow.
  13. I might print this thread, and take 100 copies to donnington, Im sure I could get £1 a copy from the offenders... from Macca's better half.......
  14. macca

    Its Gone...

    Just waved goodbye to the kit car . got a fair price, enough for a deposit on a new toy down under. Thanks again for all your help, I wouldn't got this far without it. The new owner knows about the site and I'm sure he'll ask if he needs any help. Good luck all, if any of you visit Sydney drop me a mail and ill take you out in the new kit.... Macca
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