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  1. Hi all, I'm in a position where I would like to get offical proof of the year of manufacture of my mazda engine. I understand that for emissions test during IVA if you can demonstrate the true age of the engine the test parameters can be adjusted accordingly. Please correct me if this is not true. Unfortunately I naively bought my engine a few years ago without any documents from the original vehicle just assuming I would be issued Q plates and I didn't even consider the different test parameters. I recently contacted the homologations department at mazda to see if they were able to provide a formal confirmation from the engine number, but I was told that they can only do this using the VIN number. So now I'm at a deadend. Has anyone been able to overcome a similar issue? If so how. Or, does anyone know how I go about finding the original VIN from the engine number so I can then go back to mazda? The only info I have is the engine number. Thank you
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