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  1. SOLD. Sad in some ways but delighted that she's gone to an enthusiastic new owner who I know will get as much pleasure out of her as I did. It is a lovely little car, basic 2litre Pinto with just a carb modification. I've already had 2 phone calls from friends asking who was driving my car down the lane this afternoon. Good Luck Wayne. (new owner)
  2. I'm selling because i've been offered a Caterham for a good price. Only 1 genuine enquiry so far even at a giveaway price. May ebay it.
  3. Thanks Peter. Appreciated. P
  4. images uploaded to https://imgsafe.org/, copied links and used insert image icon (looks like a polaroid) when posting. Andy (Grim)
  5. Ooops... Price should have read £2300.
  6. Paul Philpot

    For Sale

    Robin Hood 2B New project due to start shortly so she has to go to a good home. She needs a new speedo but apart from that... Built in 2002 from 1987 Sierra donor car. Red with stainless steel body. 2 litre Pinto with single twin choke Weber carb. 4 into 1 exhaust. Correctly registered on V5 as Robin Hood 2B Electronic cooling fan override. GBS chassis. Heater. Converted to manual choke. Carburettor stripped and cleaned (August 2016). New clutch cable (September 2016). New front brake pads (April 2016) IGS air filter. Mountney leather steering wheel Sierra Pepper Pot wheels with excellent tyres. Leather Cobra seats (drivers adjustable). 4 point harness (driver and passenger). Classic instruments. Push button start. Auxiliary socket. Milometer shows 7800 miles but it is nearer 9000 miles. Weather equipment: hood and doors. Lockable boot. Lockable petrol cap. MOT until March 2017 (no advisories). The car starts on the button, sounds gorgeous and runs really well. The car has been used regularly, not laid up or SORN’d. It has been kept in a dry garage since the day I bought it. Pictures to follow £3300 (Gatwick Airport area), Call: 07954 168546 or Email: paul.philpot@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Both cars look superb. Suggested to my daughters that we build one each for them, however they are 20 and 21 years old and don't seem that interested. I'm down the road from you in Horley - Robin Hood 2B Paul
  8. Sitting by the pool in Lanzarotte watching the video. Amazing piece of work Bob. You should be proud to be able to build your model planes. Paul. Fed up. Bored. Hot.
  9. Thanks Guys Exactly as you said with needle valve. Off on holiday this week so first job on return. Luckily my new next door neighbour works for a company that restores classic Aston Martins. (currently working on a £385,000 DB3. He also worked on the development arm of Ford AVO. He can rebuild a Pinto in the dark. Lucky or what? Paul
  10. Paul Philpot

    Weber Carb

    Pinto engine was running fine on twin choke Weber but now misfires, and struggles, black soot around exhaust tail pipe, spark plugs wet with petrol. Any ideas? Paul
  11. Don't laugh... I've had my 2B for 4 weeks. The dash is held on with Velcro. It hasn't shifted and looks fine.
  12. Thanks. Email sent. P
  13. Paul Philpot

    Surrey Top

    Anyone got a good quality Surrey top for my 2B?
  14. For my part.... I joined the club earlier this year with the intent of buying a Robin Hood but requiring advice and guidance. Every time I have had a question someone has always offered me sound and honest advice. This was even to the point of being invited to a members home to have a look at his 2B. The forum is full of answers to problems that would normally be impossible to answer unless you have owned, built and ran a Robin Hood. After viewing 5 cars I am almost the owner of a beautiful 2B+ (finger crossed everybody).
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