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  1. Thanks for that, but dont need those, my car is up and running, just trying to upgrade it a little.
  2. I would rather have a dash thats already made as I am not an able craftsman. If i started drilling holes for instruments I would wreck it. and if possible i would want shockers that are 2B specific as I would get some one to fit them. cheers.
  3. Hi I am looking for a pair of adjustable damper rear suspension units for my 2B, also looking for a wooden dash and analogue instruments to fit, I have decided that a metal dashboard and Sierra instruments are not good enough for my Canary. Looking for good second hand bits as the new bits are quite expensive.
  4. Went to my garage this morning, removed 6 months of accumulated junk from the Canary, charged the battery, gave it some cold start spray, and she fired up the first turn of the key!! I love my Canary!! Lovely sunny day here in North Hampshire, wish I had a bit more time,I would take her out for a blast!! Got too much work on trying vainly to tidy my garage!! How did I gather so much junk!! Does anyone know anyone who would love to come and organise my mess, pay in bacon butties and beer?
  5. Here you go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-1-75-x-10-Universal-Silencer-Exhaust-Back-Box-Stainless-Steel/260841086338?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 they come in various pipe diameters, you will have to check your pipe size.
  6. I am fine thanks Paul, how are things with you?
  7. The continuing saga of the Canary! Been running it now ok for some months, just been doing general maintenance, Fitted Sparkright electronic ignition and opened up the plug gaps, it seems to be running smoother as a result. Went to Castle Combe in July and scored 101 db in the sound test!! So a trip to those nice people on site, Merlin Motorsport, they took £75 off me and gave me an ugly black add on to my exhaust which took it down to 99 db, At least i could get on the track with that. Since then bought myself a nice SS can to go inline with the existing silencer and it sounds a whole lot better, and looks a whole lot better too!! £35 off ebay!! Looking forward to Monday going to Castle Combe along with my son and his mate in their Westfields. Open pit lane day!! Heaven on earth!! First photo is the ugly Merlin add on, second photo is the cooler ebay item!!
  8. Hi Bob, Yes please add me to your list, sorry i thought that by saying I was going it would be all i needed to do.
  9. Hopefully I will be there, Canary willing!!
  10. I bought an engine out of a P100 but it wouldnt run properly in the car, so i took it to a recommended repairer and he condemned the head, said it was worn out, I got a recon unleaded head from an engineer in the midlands for £350 outright purchase. and that has sorted my problems, the car runs sweet, not perfect, but certainly good enough to use. Now it is work in progress, all those little jobs you promise yourself you are going to do! Thanks for your interest and input. Its been a useful exercise for me, just bloody expensive, next time if there is a next time, i will just bite the bullet and pay out for a recon lump. cheaper in the long run.
  11. Cheers Paul, I will be at Old Sarum, see you there.
  12. Yes please! be my first meet with the canary since its convalescence.
  13. HALLELUJAH!!! My Canary is finally at long last, officially back on the road, got it back from the garage, RICHARD GAIGER at Basingstoke, She runs like a dream although the carb could do with tweaking, but the main thing is she is back on the road, Been out for a couple of hours this afternoon round the Hampshire B roads, and loved every minute of it. At last I can start event planning for the coming Summer!! There are some jobs still to do, but that is in the nature of a Kitcar, always work in progress. So a big thank you for all the encouragement and advice I have recieved from club members. it feels great to be part of such a caring community..
  14. I dont mind publicising how much i have spent, if I can help someone avoid my mistakes then its all to the good,so far my expenditure stands at approx £1100 and that is without the labour bill from the garage for fitting the new head, and the new parts, so maybe another £600 there. I reckon by the time i get the car back the total repair bill will be about £2000. What a dick I have been!! Mind you, its easy with the benefit of hindsight to see where i went wrong, at the time i just thought i was doing the best i could for myself. never again!!
  15. The car is still at the garage, the people who had the head wanted £600 for an overhaul, so i bought one from the midlands already overhauled for £350, it has now been fitted and is running good, the carb which was tuned to my original engine that had a performance cam in it, now needs rejetting and i have a feed to earth somewhere that keeps blowing fuses. The garage is going to give me a breakdown of what i owe them up to now and i suspect i will take the car away and store it in my garage for a couple of months to save some money up and then get the carb and wiring sorted. i dont know if i should just replace the loom as the previous owner had bodged it in a couple of places. but there are so many conflicting stories about wiring looms i wouldnt know where to get a good one from.
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