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    Good ole epay.....no longer cheap to sell on there.
  2. hi everyone, My post within Robin Hood bad press has gone down like a lead balloon! So I take the opportunity to put a few things to rest. Firstly, I have two children under 5 that go to school right next to a busy road so I am more than aware of the dangers of careless driving and speeding. Secondly I reiterate...I have a clean license and I very rarely go over a speed limit in any zone. On the said day I was driving around, having fun and minding my own business when the Golf R came blasting up behind me, goading me...I bit and a very short spell of spirited driving ensued. As far as the 'drag race' is concerned I coloured the story a little for some drama to illicit a few smiles? I was naive in this judgement and I truly wish I'd kept the story to myself. This took place on an isolated section of dual carriageway with barely a car around and 20ft high grass banking either side, at least half a mile away from the nearest built up area. There wasn't a soul in site nor could have been. This post is not an attempt to justify my previous post but merely to let people know I am not some unbalanced loon who goes around racing everything that moves and never have been. I. Have offended you then please do accept my apologies and going forward I will not post any more. I bid you good day.
  3. And Steve....my post wasn't about being big and brave. It was about sharing an experience and trying to have a bit of fun, you know try to make a few people smile. What is the point, what is the point.
  4. And the 2016 golf R is 4.9. Fact.
  5. Steve...I was brave enough. I made a reasonably thought out response but it was removed. What I don't understand is why your post hasn't been removed? Under the rules which were pointed out to me....you have entered into personal remarks and confrontation but your post stays? Bazaar that.
  6. I did make a reply regarding my previous comments which I considered literate and well thought out but the forum police have removed it. I will restate it simply. I apologise for posting a comment with a little colour but it won't happen again. Glenn.
  7. There were cars coming from the right 2b ;-)
  8. Well I very rarely drive my car fast....every now and then it does you good to have fun....we were safe and didn't involve anyone else, I won't be losing sleep over it, in fact I enjoyed it. I bet you have never broken a speed limit or a law in your life....hang on, what's that glinting in my eye, oh it's the sun catching your halo.
  9. Interestingly.... I was blasting about today and a jet black 2016 Golf R came rasping up behind me...we were laughing at each other and playing cat and mouse for about 3 miles neck and neck. Then we came to some traffic lights on dual carriageway - we were side by side. As the lights turned orange I could hear his turbo howling as he prepared. Green! We both let rip and took off like rockets....I nosed ahead about a cars length right up to 80mph and then we bad to back off for a roundabout. When I got home I looked up the Golf stats and it does 0 - 60 in 4.9 seconds! I comfortably took him out and he was definitely gunning that thing. I rest my case about by Hood and can guarantee that she'll do 60 easily under 5 seconds.
  10. I was in traffic....what a ball ache...I was literally drenched. I can laugh about it now though ;-)
  11. It's hardly bad news lol. £150.
  12. Good condition with good tyres. If anyone is interested then pm me and I'll send some pics. If there is no interest I'll just eBay them ;-)
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