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  1. well i tried many times to up load and failed so i reopened my Pb account
  2. they are only 89 kb surely it should allow that it used to
  3. Some may have seen the other thread about fitting seats and how limited space there is so once the daughters wedding was out of way it was time to move on and hit the car so before and after pics to include to where i am right now cant post pics for some reason sorry
  4. no probs got my daughters wedding in 2 weeks so nerves are rocking then my event is march so wnt be many updates but will do my best
  5. well its not looking very car like now but it will be back
  6. yes there is a hell of a difference your right me being me and seen the seats as narrow as poss bought them not for 1 min did i think they would be too big my plan was this trim the tunnel smaller and refab a new 1 and join it to the original so will make much more space then get rid of the side box section and remake using 38mm cds with diag bars gusetted im quyite lucky my boy is a welder fabricator or is this a no no
  7. i bought these and thought they be ok but how wrong was i
  8. been a bit of a busy time for me but managed to get the car up to my mates place to start the interior mods and then we hit a snag ordered new seats and harnesses and i thought he these are ok until we tried the fit and they too wide to go close to base is there a way of forming a new tunnel and replacing the side box section with some nice 38mm cds tube and putting a cross tube in plus cutting backon the centre tunnel and make formed 1 im shocked at how much wasted space is in the tunnel what have you guys done to over come this silly idea many thanks
  9. Jay Paul

    Pinto Power

    at long last we are on the right track carbs are all back together and are back on and running although they need new idler jet holders or what ever they are called as the carbs are off a Alfa they dump to much fuel in on idle so no pick up anyway back to important stuff so when it went there running like crap it just made 100 bhp and struggled and that is 2 bhp more than a good standard motor and today it made 115at the wheels / 142 at the fly and 167lb of torque which im happy with although there is more to come as the rotar arm has got a rev limiter built in and for some reason it kicks in @ 5350 rpm ffs so thats been binned so for me thats a massive increase and as he said its a different car completely although i do think the head may come off when i do strip it for the winter and take it down and get a little work done on it anyway all in all a good day and the hood lives again just cant drive it as of yet
  10. Jay Paul

    Child Seat

    quite interesting topic my main job is a foster carer for children with disabilities anyway due to laws coming in we are not aloud to use booster seats anymore it has to be a full car seat which is mad as they still sell boosters
  11. one of the jobs over the winter is to sort the birds nest loom out that the builder bodger done had a few ideas on what i needed to do but just out of curiosity i contacted premier wiring to see what they offer anyway a few emails back and fore he sent me his install instructions and what the kit has included and omg fair play to the guy he got it sorted from whative read and @ £175 delivered i dnt think its bad or am i wrong thoughts please
  12. just had a nice little message from the guy whos sorting my carbs and stuff out Bit corroded with that jelly stuff. They've been stood and gone dry ,then they corrode with white powder that goes to jelly when fuel hits it. One pump jet diaphragm and arm siezed solid two jets partially siezed so they needed attention! i think this will make a massive difference to bottom end and pulling off no wonder it had to be above 3k to go any where so by the time they are refited they will be nie on a brand new set of 40s plus when it went to his place last time and put on the rollers the timing was out 12 degrees and the top pulley was seized so new 1 fitted just got to wait now until its back together im quite lucky to have him so close plus hes a old school tuner and played with carbs and engines all his life he was also saying how much of a difference a few degrees timing makes on a pinto as just 3 degrees is what they alter for road to stage to gravel rallies so mine being 12 out i think i might be in for a shock. i did think when driving it that the bottom end was a tad sluggish although having only driven a sierra about 3 times i didnt realise so in short its on the mend i only wish he had taken before pics so you could all see what the transformation would have been like
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