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  1. Hi guys after some advise. Got a friend looking at putting a zetec in his 7. He is at the stage of looking at ECU's He has been advised by the tuner to go for the Megasquirt 3 ECU over the OMEX ecu. What's your advise peeps? Megasquirt or OMEX? It will be a 2.0 blacktop with standard intake with a view of going throttle bodies in next year or two. Cheers peeps.
  2. Hey Paul, Sorry for delay been on holiday. But I can confirm there was no attachments on the email
  3. Hi all, I am currently away from home and could do with the dimensions, mainly the depth of the fuel tank and the diameter of where the fuel sender sits. I am guessing most come with the kit when built, if not I guess it will have to wait till I am home. Many thanks Scott
  4. Totally agree buddy, managed to get today of work and spend time with my twin boys........ I have ordered a complete new fuel delivery kit inc lift pump, swirl pot, HP pump, low&high pressure filter, fuel reg and all new fuel lines. Not happy with this hissing noise from the current HP pump in an old mk2 golf gti swilpot/housing plastic thing lol. Its rather noisy and sounds like its drawing in air. I will get all this fitted thus week and I have it booked in at a garage a week friday for a complete health check prior to going to dales, just to make sure its not a mechanical issue.
  5. Cheers Paul, I have read through the manual and cant find how to reset tps, must be missing it. But yes if you could send me some maps I can load them onto a slot as I now have the switch. Its booked in for a session but earliest date is 6th September. So if one of your maps will see it running safe enough just to have a drive out in it now and again before the session that would be great.
  6. Haha yes forgot about that Think I found the fault anyway..... Robin hood build plaque number is 0666
  7. Cheers Simon Yes slot 2 and 3 show the same file name. Switched over to them and made no difference really. It was running fine just rich before I ran out of fuel and killed the lift pump. Replaced that and spark plugs and get these issues lol.
  8. Hey buddy that would be great if you could send a map. Tried another one today sent by Simon and it made it idle alot better but had a constant backfire from exhaust with puffs of black smoke so turned it back onto my map straight away. Just to confirm it's got he following 2.0 zetec blacktop standard Gsxr1100 throttle bodies and injectors 3bar pressure to rail. Faults are: Lumpy idle Once warm stalls when slowing at lights On idle get occasion popping from one of the throttle bodies. Exhaust will pop with black smoke under heavy load. Puff of black smoke when first setting of from standstill. Could it be a valve timing issue? All I have changed and seemed to make it worst tbf is the following New facet lift pump New spark plugs Cheers buddy My email is shropshine@hotmail.com
  9. That would be fantastic buddy. My set up as far as I know is 2.0 zetec blacktop, R1 throttle bodies and injectors, 3 bar pressure at rail, Emerald K3 ECU. I have the 3 way map switch coming tomorrow with a new air temp sensor so I will keep my map in one slot then try others in the other slots. My email is asked@hotmail.co.uk Many thanks buddy
  10. Just had a thought, would the spark plugs need gapping or fit straight out of the box, They were the NGK R platinums
  11. Cheers guys, all advise taken on board and booked in some tinkering time on a friend ramp to check it over. Sad news on the running side though, looks like no summer fun for me as Dale at Bailey Performance can not get me in till 6th September. I am sure its just a map issue so its frustrating having it sat in a garage just after buying it. I did ask Dale if he recomends anyone else and he said just Emerald themselves, but it will cost me £3-400 to get the car to them. Anybody know anyone that can come to me? I can get access to a rolling road. I have ordered a new air temp sensor and the 3 way map switch from Emerald, when we plugged in map1 said RobinHood.map, Map2 and 3 said RH,GSXR100throttlebody175bhp.map. So a small chance switching from Map1 to 2/3 may change something. I have ordered a new high pressure pump just incase its that also, but the pressure gauge is showing 3bar at the rail. Failing that as the issue is mainly on idle, is there anyone that knows how to adjust these values whilst running? or is this not advisable. I would ideally like it running safe enough to get it to a rolling road, maybe to Emerald themselves. Cheers peeps
  12. Hi there Yes this is the car A411. Thank you for the information buddy and it will be going to Dale's at some point this week. It's just nothing but trouble since buying it. On my way home from collecting the drive shafts fell off from the rear diff. All bolts had come loose and fell out. Has developed some electrical problems and now running issues. Only done 40 miles in it since getting it home lol. Hopefully Dale can finally get it running as it should so I can actually enjoy it.
  13. As far as now it was all set up on a rolling road, all was fine until I ran out of fuel the other day, had to have the lift pump replaced and as I was running a little rich (black smoke and fuel smell from exhaust) I thought I would change the plugs. Now its like its gone from running rich to lean. I am starting to think I have purchased someone elses problem. Everyday since buying it last week its broke down. Only been out in it 3 times
  14. Hey guys, Today I fitted the new lift pump and filters, checked pressure and sits steady at 3bar at the rail. As its running a little rich I decided to look at the plugs, All 4 plugs black and sooty. So off to ECP with one and got 4 replacements. Fitted them and straight away Idles alot better. So took it out for a long test drive and all seems fine, the stalling had stopped when coming to a standstill and engine running better. But then after a 20 mile journey I stopped at the shop. Once back in the car and on my way I could hear a popping noise coming from the throttle bodies Sounds like it coming from the second one out of the 4, mainly does it whilst ticking over. Also the exhaust is poppng more and more black smoke on tickover and if you blip the pedal. Almost as if its missfiring I guess. Set up is 2.0 zetec blacktop, Emerald K3 ECU..... Its on Bike throttle bodies, prev owner says R1 but the Map file says GSXR 1100 bodies. Any obvious things to look at? Cheers peeps
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