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  1. Brian spencer

    Removing Protective Film From S S Panels

    *bleep* job. plastic scrapper ,hot air gun and loads of patients. Glad to see I'm not the only one who has gone through this stage in the build. Your not alone brother.
  2. Brian spencer

    Ready For Iva Test

    Hi I paid £450 for the IVA test Norwich great expirence I trailed the car there with a mate and covered the fuel so you might need to include trailer hire expense etc. £55 reg fee and £129.25 for first six months road tax . I believe the road tax may change after April the first as big changes on all new vehicles .these cars are one of the hardest to biuld and wyou are always finding you are spending money .i bought my car 80% built and most parts to finish but ended up stripping back and starting again and two years later it's finished. Brian .
  3. Brian spencer

    Ready For Iva Test

    All done and registered sent off the forms and money on the 29th jan and log book back on the 6th feb .i phoned dvla the week before to be told a min of 6 weeks but world record back in a week ,chuffed to bits now I can get out and enjoy the car . I will post some pictures at some point happy days.
  4. Brian spencer

    Registering After Iva

    I'm filling mine in now I went for tax for six months at £129.25 . I have a question do you only need the v55/4 form and doner log book for age related ? Or do you need to have v627/1 ? . Also mot do you need one with the iva certificate . Confused .com?
  5. Brian spencer

    Weather Gear

    Hi guys Reading all these old posts is a great way of overcoming some of the issue around a 2b hood build . I passed my iva first time last week with hints and tips from you all (thank you) now I'm fitting my wet weather gear not a great fit and I'm happy for it to fit where it touches as hope never to need it . But after findinding out the roof was to short I then find this measurement of 66 inch screen to rear panel .only problem is to fit the screen at this the heart ducts on the scuttle will be outside the screen and the is miles away from the wipers , I bought a part built car and the scuttle is fitted correctly but I can't see how you could ever have the screen at 66 inch , anyone ever come across this.
  6. Brian spencer

    Ready For Iva Test

    Cheers guys , so pleased with the result I will post some pictures .
  7. Brian spencer

    Ready For Iva Test

    Big day today my car has passed its iva test first time no issue thanks to Dennis at Norwich for today very helpfully .
  8. Brian spencer

    Ready For Iva Test

    It's booked 25th November Norwich test centre , couple of weeks to check the car over again.
  9. Brian spencer

    Ready For Iva Test

    the time has come for me to book my test looking like next Friday as no waiting list just sorting out the trailer and fingers and toes crossed will post the results .
  10. Brian spencer

    Side Reapeters

    Cheers guys lots of helpfull info I think I will go with lamps on the front wings for the test seems to be most popular way of a pass , any one know if you need to use edge trims on the bonnet vents mine are 4.6 mm high and I think the radius 2.5mm only applys to projections 5mm and over ???
  11. Brian spencer

    Side Reapeters

    Hi guys first on here read loads of you good advice in iva testing looking to book mine now , I have a 2b plus and would like to know if side reapeters can go on the screen side frames it will give me to angles required I think but has anyone ever done it to get round the problem , most things I have read they go on the front wings . Not a great fan of wires running round the suspension and tyres .