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  1. Rikos

    2B Hood

    Would this fit the exmo?
  2. Rikos

    Iva Prep

    Hello all, I bought an exmo last year that had been built but never completed. I would like to complete and get the car registered and through the IVA. Just wondered if anyone round the Stafford area could help with identifying what is left to do to get it IVA ready? I don't think there is much needed but I may be completely wrong. Any help appreciated. Regards Richard
  3. Rikos

    Cambelt Help

    Will get engine number and see if they can find it from that. But may just buy both as suggested and take one back.
  4. Rikos

    Cambelt Help

    Is there anyway to know which you need without taking belt off and counting?
  5. Rikos


    Still looking for seats if anyone knows of any for sale
  6. Rikos

    Cambelt Help

    Hello all, I would like to replace the cambelt on my 1.6 pinto but when I went to pick one up from A-Z parts store they said I'd need to count the teeth on the belt. Any help as to which belt I need would be appreciated.
  7. Rikos


    I have the Exmo model, maximum width i think is 49cm. How wide are your seats?
  8. Rikos


    I have missed out on a few seats on ebay and got messed about with some that I won. Where's the best place to get hold of some good second hand ones? Looking at spending no more than £120 really. Appreciate any ideas
  9. Interested in the intatrim ones? Drop me a message and hopefully we can sort something out
  10. Rikos

    For Sale

    If I had the spare cash i'd have had it, lovely looking motor
  11. Hi Andy, whats the measurements of the Intratrim ones please?
  12. Hello all, The speedo on my Exmo isn't working. Its a manual speed (as in not digital). What can I try to get it up and running? Thanks for any help
  13. Rikos


    Hello all, Would a 2B wet weather hood fit an Exmo? Cheers
  14. Well, an update. New battery fitted today and it started first time no problem! Really chuffed. Just need seats and a service now and I can take it on the track for a good run out.
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