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  1. monty

    Wheels And Tyres Set Of 5

    Sorry for long delay in replying, I will have a look at what you suggested. Yes can understand now you have told me more about the expense. I guess that is why people use a link to show there pictures. Not easy for a small club to keep membership as low as they can. Me yes I just thought would be so easy just to up load pictures of my car on hear.
  2. monty

    Wheels And Tyres Set Of 5

    Thanks I will have a look if I can find Matt Moo. Or I am sure there must be something on my pc to resize pictures
  3. monty

    Wheels And Tyres Set Of 5

    Just read the thread to, death of photobucket To think I was just about to have a look at this Photobucket. Glad I had not bothered. Why an earth can we not as members. Up load more pictures/larger files on hear? This is where I want to display my pictures on a site I am paying towards. Is it the cost for the website, would have to increase for us to be able to up load more????? Can someone explain please. Just posted this message in the thread. Death of photobucket
  4. monty

    Wheels And Tyres Set Of 5

    I have heard about this before. Shame, I would like to just be able to post on hear. But hey ho. Guess if want pictures seen then That's the way to go.
  5. monty

    Server Status

    Thanks, now how do I find him to ask?
  6. monty

    Server Status

    Can you please explain this to me. Or send this message to someone who can. I have had problems with this site ever since I joined last year. Up loading pictures, well they are always to big a file. To acess some parts of the web site I can not and always get the following message. Oops! Something went wrong! [#SD33P0009] You have no permission to view this page or page doesn't exist Richard
  7. monty

    Wheels And Tyres Set Of 5

    I have a set of Five wheels and tyres. Very good condition. Advertised on Ebay Item Number 112512469829 Richard Can`t upload pictures. as usual. Pics are to large
  8. monty

    Handbrake Cover

    Thats a result. Was going to start a topic to see how to remove handbrake cover. Comments hear have sorted that one out. Richard
  9. monty

    Identifying Donor Car Used For My Kit

    Thanks for deleting it for me, club secretary. Yes a 83 appears to be.
  10. monty

    Identifying Donor Car Used For My Kit

    Engine number in V5 DK94422 Its a 1983 http://www.burtonpow...ture-dates.html Thanks Bob Tucker Sorry about the last message, copied and pasted how to identify the year from Burton Power. Has not copied all content. Hec I wish I could delete it now.
  11. monty

    Identifying Donor Car Used For My Kit

    Thanks for all your help, registration number I did find a bit strange, You have all given me ideas of ways to establish the year of the Donor. I,ll post when I find out. Many thanks, Richard
  12. Hi I brought a Robin hood 2B 26-07-2016 The car came with no history as such. How can I identify the donor car reg year to get correct parts? Car Reg on Kit is GIG7004 The engine is ford pinto 2 ltr Kit was registered 1999 Regards Richard