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  1. Looking for a 2ltr Pinto carb manual choke and throttle linkage
  2. Looking for 2ltr Pinto carburettor with manual choke and throttle linkage. Anyone got one?

  3. I would love to do it.... nice robin hood,,, whats under the hood?
  4. whats the best rod your have ever driven?
  5. 16 miles...! OMG what is the point.... I think I drive almost 2000 a year
  6. Elliot Poston

    Car wash

    Tooo brave.... hate driving mine in the wet, let alone with the roof on
  7. I will keep an eye on the weather
  8. would love to come to Stoneleigh just a bit to far for me ….6 hours!!! https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/profile/13942-elliot-poston/
  9. looks well looked after https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/profile/13942-elliot-poston/
  10. https://www.rhocar.org/index.php?/profile/13942-elliot-poston/
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