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  1. Thanks Zed and Brumster - Zed I was aware of the bump steer and one of the main reasons for asking the question. I know that all the 2b can be engineered differently. GBS inferred the same as they have stated a number of different racks could be on the car or be used on the car. They dont specify a rack to use. I think I need to measure and plan the right rack from the diagram above and see what is available with my measurements but this is a good starting point.
  2. Hi, Thanks for the reply. That is along the lines of what i was thinking. Sorry to ask but is there a guide or can you provide more detail on changes?
  3. Hi, I bought an old 2b with sliding pillar partially built - 2 years ago. Lots and lots done, basically rebuilding the entire car, bit of an engineering project!! and we have just completed a GBS wishbone suspension rebuild on the front and replaced the damn awful pillar suspension! The car currently has a mg metro steering rack on that we have removed. I want to go to a ford rack to match the sierra track rod ends and extenders we now have. Would a mk2 escort match or what have other members fitted? Any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi Andy, A bit late but any pics on how you have attached your GRP nose cone to a 2B would be great. Thanks
  5. Hi Rich, Thanks for all the help. Becasue its a part built I have bought, when I try to get square, the column hits the brake pedal. Bit of engineering this week, but the pics have really helped and confirmed what I need to do. Thanks
  6. Thanks Rich, That is just what I needed! Looks very similar to what I am doing. I have just got one of the gokart bearings and removing the old sierra bearing under the dash. Do you have pics of under your dash and position of bearing? Is your steering wheel at an angle?
  7. Hi, can anyone help as ordering new steering shaft this week. Struggling to find the right position for steering shaft, brake pedal and under bonnet clearance. Any help really appreciated.
  8. hi all. just bumping this as i really would like any pics of what members have done with the steering shaft with the 4-1 exhaust thanks
  9. Thanks Maccavvy, PM sent to you with email address. Agent - What do you mean by go cart bearing? what do i search for if researching one? Thanks
  10. Hi Thanks for the reply, because i have bought part built, no way mine will. Does anyone have a top down pic of solutions?
  11. Hi, Pretty new to the forum and I am sure I will have lots of questions. But rebuilding an 80% complete 2b, just changed the pinto manifold and 2 tube standard exhaust for a stainless 4-1. Yes it was a pig to fit and with the engine in place! But its in and looking shiny. I know i need to move the steering shaft and have researched a little on here. But does anyone have pics where they can show their solution?
  12. Hi Joel, could I take the inlet with the weber John
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