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  1. Alimcc

    Child Seat

    Correction 4 point harness
  2. Alimcc

    Child Seat

    Hi guys, got a legal question for you all. My son is 7 1/2 years old and therefore requires a booster seat when travelling in a car. My 2b however has racing bucket seats and his booster won't fit. Also it has 3 point harness seatbelts but they won't quite adjust small enough to fit him snuggly. Can he legally travel as a passenger in my car if i provide a back cushion so his harness fits better? Kind regards, Ali
  3. awesome i'll definitely tag along!!
  4. wow, I can't believe I spotted this post. The monksbridge farm is literally a mile from my house. I bought my 2B a week ago. This may be a daft question but what do you do when you meet up?
  5. thanks in advance guys, you've already been very helpful and welcoming so far
  6. hi all, I'll shortly be putting my baby 2B away for the winter (apart from the odd spin on a nice day) I'm keeping it in a shipping container over this period. I'm new to kit car ownership. is there any maintenance/prep I should do before it goes away? also, is there any ongoing maintenance throughout the winter? there is no electric supply to the container, can anyone recommend any good moisture absorbers? thanks, ali ps I have hood and doors plus a good all weather cover. should I keep these on whilst the car is in storage or should I let it 'breathe'?
  7. when I get my first robin hood (hopefully tomorrow) I would love to learn about the engine, drive train suspension etc for maintenance and upgrade fun. I would find it really interesting. my mechanical knowledge at this point is pretty much non existant but I'm keen to learn. do any of the RH clubs have workshops/open days etc that are focused on this type of thing? I reckon I could use some help!!!
  8. Thanks again guys for all the great advice. It's certainly difficult to know the value of a kit car as they are all (quite rightly) slightly different. I searched 'kit car' in ebay and basically any of the cars that were less than this one (£3500) seemed either incomplete, not driving correctly, or (to my eye) not finished that well. My mechanical/engineering knowledge is practically non existant so this car stood out as being newish build, finished well (from what i can see) and sensibly priced. I certainly didn't see any cars on there at 2k that would compare to this. It's mot'd until july 2017. How much of an indication of safety/condition is that with these type of cars? Thanks again everyone. If any members from newcastle fancy coming to take a look 10am saturday morning you'd be most welcome
  9. Thanks for the replies folks. I haven't driven it yet. I'm driving it saturday morning. I've never been in one before so I'm extremely excited. I've got to drive it home from newcastle to south yorkshire though (2 and a bit hours) any clothing tips? I'm interested in some of the yorkshire club meet ups so I'll look them up
  10. Hi guys, im hopefully buying my first robin hood 2b on sunday. I'm so excited!! I don't know much about the internals other than it has the 2 litre pinto engine in. I know no 2 builds are the same but does anyone know the approx weight, bhp and 0-60mph time. Thanks Ps link to a vid of the car here
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