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  1. I have 5 pepperpot alloys with very good tyres
  2. Hi. Just been for a run in my new machine and after start up was shocked to see the engine smoking through the bonnet louvres. Worry not new owners, it was just the exhaust bandages that had got wet in the recent downpour. Panic over !!
  3. Thanks Mark, What are the main advantages of the bike carbs in your opinion, I am pretty sure I would like to stay with a more conventional setup certainly until I get used to the car Wayne
  4. Hi Mark I'm interested in this to replace a 38 DGAS. Is the carb in good condition and is it jetted for a standard 2 litre ? Where are you please? Thanks Wayne
  5. Thanks Grim Do yours have the original connection or individual spades?
  6. Hi All New member having just bought a 2b. Would someone please be able to identify this stalk as I would like to get my wiring sorted. Thanks in advance Wayne
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