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  1. RuDeaf

    Robin Hood 2B For Sale

    Now Sold, goodbye peeps
  2. RuDeaf

    Robin Hood 2B For Sale

    Up for sale Robin Hood 2b bought September last year. The flyer pics are what the previous owner advertised the car with, I am the 2nd owner and covered just 400 miles since purchasing. This is what was then the advert said. “Built by owner in 2003 Registered as a Robin Hood 2B Stainless Steel chassis & panels. New Crate Zetec 2 lit Engine 2009 140BHP on rollers @ Northampton Motor sport Omex 600ECU With Professional Engine Loom New ETB Dials 2011 Custom Chrome Stainless Steel Exhaust Leather seats Stainless Chassis Adjustable Avo Coilovers Shocks x4 Built with New Brakes New starter 2009 New Alternator 2016 New battery May 2016 Rear disc Brakes Reco MT75 Gearbox 2009 Led rear lights new 2014 Wipac Quadoptic H4 Halogen Head lights Laminated Windscreen 2014 New GBS top wishbones to improve handling 2016 All new Tyres June 2016” Since purchasing I have asked my local garage to check over. They replaced the radiator, repaired and checked wiring from nose to scuttle, changed oil, filters/replaced gearbox mount, new air horns, removed cracked fog lights & daytime running lights, new bottom offside ball joint, replaced bottom steering column universal joint, new solenoid. Replaced the exhaust manifold gasket as there was a blow, fitted cobra seats and new Willians 4 point belts. Bill for this work was over £1000 labour/parts, receipts enclosed for new owner along with a whole heap of paperwork from the previous owner. It was mot’d till Oct 2017, garage mot'd to May 2018 (when the work was completed) It also comes with a half roof and side doors. Faults: Rev counter does not work. Recently sometimes it misfires. Brilliant car to drive, fun in the sun and very quick. Buy the way I am almost 6 foot and 13 stone. Pics show car with stickers, these have since been removed and roll bar is now black since pics taken and spare wheel & carrier also removed. Mileage shown on speedo is 16,829 I think is when the previous owner removed a pinto and put in the 2.0 Zetec. Reason for sale, wife unable to drive as cannot reach pedals and I fancy a change that both of us can drive. Price £4,250 Any questions please ask for David on 01582 753600 or email me at:enquiries@ppimaging.com. Cannot seem to upload files to this site. Therefore please see images on my web site, will add more up to date pics at the weekend showing seats/belts etc + will go on ebay at the same time. Link here: https://clients.ppimaging.co.uk/v/photos/rh2b
  3. Bought this roof/tonneau from ebay, as advertised below. Was on a Robin hood 2b, however it does not fit, seems too small (see pics, trying to fit on my 2b) Therefore re-advertising. "Tonneau cover as shown, was on a 2b but I guess it might also fit the caterham, westfield, tiger, locost, etc Could do with a good clean but other than that it is in very good condition" If collection required LU3 area, cash or card accepted. Advert below, offers. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182681647405?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  4. Hi Hope someone can point me where to start looking for a fault. Today indicators failed, checked 10a fuse and its blown, replaced fuse but blew even with ignition off and no indiators engaged. Also no hazard flasher either, Seems to be a short but where, any ideas guys??
  5. RuDeaf

    Spare Wheel Cradle

    Hi Everyone I read on here several peeps commented that they had sawn off the spare wheel cradle. Is this safe as was considering doing?
  6. RuDeaf

    2B Spare Wheel Carrier

    I was considering this but Is this safe to saw off the cradle as i thought it was part of the chassis
  7. RuDeaf

    Tow Strap Or Eye Help Required.

    Okay, thanks for the info guys.
  8. RuDeaf

    Tow Strap Or Eye Help Required.

    in case i break down and need a tow
  9. RuDeaf

    Tow Strap Or Eye Help Required.

    Sorry, Okay its a 2b bought of Steve stevedohc2b(earlier this week)
  10. RuDeaf

    Tow Strap Or Eye Help Required.

    Hi New owner here, I looking at a way of fitting a tow strap or eye to the front. Has anyone any help on this please?
  11. RuDeaf

    Robin Hood Wet Weather Hood

    Are they Still for Sale Steve?
  12. RuDeaf

    Car For Sale

    Thanks tractor, I guess you know the car, but a mint tiger super six not far away is same price, check out ebay. I await Stephens reply
  13. RuDeaf

    Car For Sale

    Hi Stephen Just sent an email via gumtree, for viewing, live not far from Hemel. Am after a good RH but £4995 is over my budget.