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  1. Deposit taken on this so no longer available subject to collection. Thanks for looking.
  2. Hi Folks Had a dramatic change to my life and need to let my project go and I thought I would offer it to the members on here first. It is a Robin Hood S7, Ford Cortina based Kit. It must be 20 years old but it has never been completed. There is also an Mx5 1600 as a donor. I want the whole lot to go as one. I will not sell off individual parts so don't ask. S7 monocoque and bonnet in stainless steel. Rear wheel arches, nose cone, Butterfly and cycle wings plus all brackets. ford Rear axle. Front sub frame. Steering rack. steering wheels, ford and Momo. Crude dash with Rover instrument cluster. Ford instrument cluster. Windscreen and brackets. Carpet set. Hood set and frame, brackets and turn buckles. Stainless Pinto Exhaust. 5 alloy wheels with new tyres. Nuts, Bolts, bits and pieces. Ford wiring loom, Rover wiring loom. Front and rear lights etc. Boxes and boxes of bits. Edge trim. Stone guards. Wing mirrors etc. Complete Mx5, part stripped and not drivable but was all working prior. Newish soft top which would sell on Ebay for at least £100. Good alloys again sell on ebay at least £100. Many other good parts that would sell. It would all help to reduce the cost of this project if you have the space and time which I now don't. Collection would be easy with a decent size van and an A frame or trailer. The photos show the actual car but the complete one is just to show what it could be like. My costs have been in the region of £1000. The first £450 can have it. NO OFFERS, SWAPS OR SILLY BARGAINS. CASH. I don't mind holding on to it till after Christmas but would like £250 up front as a none returnable deposit and show of good faith. If not sold it will go on ebay starting at £500. If you are interested get in touch via here and we can make arrangements to view. Thanks for taking the time to view.
  3. Hi Bob Yes please I would also like a. Pair reflectors on stainless steel b. Chrome wing mirrors Please let me know how you would like paying PM me your account details and I will transfer direct Allen
  4. Hi Bob I would like ... a. New front indicators b. New side repeators c. Reverse lamp d. Set 7 indicator lamps please pm me with postage and payment details Just starting a build of an S7 so interested in any and all bits you got going regards Allen mgzslad
  5. Thanks Alan realised my mistake. Need to pay more attention to detail LOL
  6. Hi Alan. long way but I will make the effort. See you Sunday Regards Allen
  7. mgzslad

    Rhe Documents

    Thanks. Yes defo stainless monocoque body. Do you know what year the front sub frame orientation was changed?
  8. mgzslad

    Rhe Documents

    Hi guys I have a RHE S7 Cortina based kit. I am trying to identify exactly which year it was produced, what type of kit it was, PAB, Deluxe etc. and what was included in that kit. I have a 1993 build manual. This is the one where the front sub-frame is fitted backwards my cars is facing forward so I assume it to be pre 1993. I also have an eight page kit description advertising document which I believe is also 1993. It states for the three packages listed (Zintec, PAB and Deluxe) that the GRP items wings, nose cone etc. are factory fitted. Mine are not and have never been fastened to the body. It would seem that the kit included a windscreen & supports, Hood, carpets, stainless fuel tank and a stainless roll bar I don't yet have a full list of the pieces that are in the car as I am still preparing my garage for the build. I have included a few pics of the kit as is and I can take others if it will help anyone. Does anyone in the collective have any earlier paper work, build manual or personal knowledge that could help. Many thanks
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