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  1. oldgitmk1

    Fuel Gauge Always Reading Full

    Hi, if no quick fix then can in the back and fill tank every 100 miles approx.
  2. oldgitmk1

    Celebratory Drink Tonight

    Like a stick of Blackpool rock British from end to end. Love euro people but not the politicians.
  3. oldgitmk1

    Lead Subsitute Advise Please

    Hi, I'm using castrol as was graham who built the car I have been given 500ml of Morris superclean zero lead 2005 the instructions on the label says nothing about it mixing with any other brand. Can i use this or do i stick with the castrol.
  4. oldgitmk1

    How Do I Find My Cars Builder ?

    Hi Graham your brother in law has been in touch thanks for building a wonderful car. Hope to speak to you soon yours Chris M.
  5. oldgitmk1

    How Do I Find My Cars Builder ?

    Hi, have just joined the club and would like to find the builder of my 2b it has been built to a very high standard the workmanship is excellent was mot twice in shenstone. the reg is WOL 669 stainless/blue the key ring is a robin hood one so i hope he or she is or was a member.any help will be welcome. Thanks Chris M.
  6. oldgitmk1

    Hot Exhaust

    Many thanks to all, i did climb out of the car the day i bought it and Yes you only do this once yourself (oh boy it did come a bit keen to say the least) my silencer is covered but not the pipes.
  7. oldgitmk1

    Hot Exhaust

    Is the exhaust best left open or can it be wrapped and not have the looks of the car spoilt .Just a little bothered if they that should not touch do get burnt.( serves you right may not stand up in court) or do I put a sign Not 2B touched Hot.
  8. oldgitmk1

    New Home For A 2B

    Hi, i have given my 2b a proper home the last owner lost interest in it. the car has been built and finished to a very high standard of workmanship by someone who lived in the Solihull area i think.The car is now loved and kept in a garage waiting for next month and lots of sunshine.