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  1. Mmm. I see problems ahead. Photo buckets Havnt really got a clue. Gonna have to ask my granddaughter. But thanks again shaft. Oh. Is there a local guy that you know of who understands T16 engines. Or should I just ask. Erm think I just have. Thanks. Michael
  2. Getting pictures on is a problem
  3. Thanks. Shaft. Eventually I will suss it out. Michael
  4. Sorry. But what is the tick alongside the users name for.
  5. And how do I get photos from this 4s iPhone onto one of these messages.
  6. Not sure about the alternator light.
  7. Hi Alan and gargoil. Sorry for the delay. Been busy. Yep it's a two litre DOHC fuel injected T16 motor. I will try to include a photo. However although I am quite mechanically minded(I think) I didn't reall get involved in trying to start it yesterday. To be honest there's wires all over the shop. But I know it was reversed in to the garage about this time last year. He recons the charging wasn't quite right at the time, but it ran well. Now it stinks of fuel. But I'm not too sure about whether it's getting in correctly cos they didn't have the long slim plug socket. So it will be after Easter when I get to see it again. It would appear that the air in end of the throttle body is finished off with a cone shaped air cleaner. And that the horrible rubber spacer between the body and the rest of the inlet doesn't look very clever. Apparently he had somebody manufacture it. I know know that a nice aluminium spacer is available. I'm not sure that it has an immobiliser. And didn't get chance to check the crank sensor. Which I will do unless he sorts it. Mind you it should be cheaper. Ha. Anyway most greatful for all of your interest. I think all of the plastic is carbon fibre. Dials from America. Red on white. I am told its a noisy b*******. Thanks again. Michael.
  8. Hi tazzzzman1. Erm. It's fuel injected. Fuel is getting to the injectors. Michael.
  9. Hi CMA. THANKS FOR THAT. I don't think it's old fuel problem. It was basically dry. And we stuck a couple of gallons in.
  10. Hi. Not used to typing. However. I have found an 05 registered 2b with a T16 with a mk9 box. It was driven into a heated garage last year. Yesterday we tried and tried to start it. Spark at plugs. But not firing. Could do with some help or a chat with regards what to do. I want the car but just have to see it run first. I'm near Bolton. And the car is near Manchester airport.
  11. Want to buy a 2 b. But it won't start. Any ideas.
  12. Newbie needs help please

  13. Should I buy an 05 2b. It's got a mk9 Capri gbox,I'm told it's a two litre injected k series. Looks really good. Done very very few miles. Lots of carbon fibre. Stainless. It was driven into heated garage last year. And will not start. It's for sale. Could do with a chat with "one who knows". Thank you in anticipation. Michael.

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