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  1. Just mot'd the kit so fingers crossed
  2. Thanks Dave, unfortunately the seats required are very narrow, maximum base width of 14.5 inches. I appreciate the reply, thank you
  3. What size are the seats please,I've a narrow bodied tiger supercat Thanks Chris
  4. Sorry folks, decided to have an extra night in wales before the lad goes back to school due to the lovely weather so won't be back for this one.
  5. I can definitely make this one, weather permitting
  6. Might have a run over on the Monday from the peak district, are you planning on meeting up before driving to the event Cheers Chris
  7. 1830 would be a better time for me, thanks
  8. Thanks John, for me living at bakewell and having an hours travel 8pm on a Sunday is a little late. Any day suits me as working shifts it's a gamble if I'm off but a little earlier would be good Thanks Chris
  9. Thanks mick, hope you're keeping well. Unfortunately it looks like the company's been dissolved. How's the mx5 running
  10. Hi, seats wanted to fit tiger supercat 14" base width Thanks Chris
  11. Anyone going this Wednesday (13th), just outside Chesterfield www.facebook.com/events/1602791799841425/
  12. I'm hoping to make this one
  13. Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Dan E, spent a good few hours round his yesterday going over my car. This club and it's members are a lifeline for me as I would be lost without such expertise, thanks again Chris
  14. Hi blue, are these still available, how wide are they and do you have any pics please Cheers Chris
  15. Howleybar

    Zero Wanted

    It's not brand new, I'd be sleeping with it in the garage if I spent that much
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