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  1. Jtomo

    Help ! New Owner With So Many Questions.

    In Basingstoke if your passing and want to have a look at mine? I didn't build it though!
  2. Jtomo


    Interested in costs to get this done professionally.
  3. I'm thinking of changing my headlights to something small and more powerful. Does anyone have any recommendations. Not a big budget so preferably under £100 ish. Needs to be UK road legal and mot acceptable!
  4. Jtomo

    Engine Tuning Via Timing

    Ok, so i had booked jdmodified near basingstoke to run a rolling road and engine timing on my cars engine. They have let me down and will not let me rebook after i had to cancel due to a funeral....yep thats right, they will not let me rebook as i asked to change the appointment time, or a new date! They replied with, we can not help you further. Unbelievable and incredibly insensitive and rude. Think i got off lucky if they are like that! Anyhow, i am now looking for someone whom can tune the engine via the dizzy and timing light, ideally on a rolling road to note the difference and near to Basingstoke near hampshire. I know a mate whom can tune if i know to what spec, but i have no idea!!! Anyone know whom could help?
  5. It was going so well!! Ok, you the extra gasket in the rad cap seems (Fingers crossed) to have done the trick. Went out for a good run earlier to get the car up to temperature. Hovered around 95, then I stopped to pick something up form the post office. 20 mins later I got back in and was heading home, the gauge was initially working then all of a sudden at some lights, I set off (In haste) and the gauge dropped to zero! Nothing, nada, no measure! Got home ok though and although my legs were roasting like chicken on a skewer, I checked the cap and to my surprise, no major leaking!!! So one problem solved (Maybe!), now to solve the gauge issues! To be fair, the gauges are all crap! Not sure any of them work properly - the speedo jumps up and down! Gonna need some serious advice! Whilst my mechanical skills are limited (I'm learning), my electrical skills are non existent!!! Rolling road re-booked. Hopefully a smoother running engine may also help the cause.
  6. Jtomo

    One Time Offer!

    Im away too, but sounds great! When can he come down south!?
  7. On a positive, nice photo today!
  8. Popped out today with a new rad cap cover, got to 100deg then I heard fizzing! Not the full cascade of water as last time, but still a small leak! I have tried the double gasket trick, slicing my finger in the process, but then down came the rain so have to wait until it drys up before I can test.
  9. The thermostat opens and fan runs. The water pump is flowing fine. Will try again with a tighter seal. Ive cancelled the rolling road tuning until i get this sorted, or at least holding temperature below 100deg!
  10. Did adding the additional rubber gasjet do the trick?
  11. Ok, so im guesding the rad cover i bought is all wrong. Went out today and all was going well, sitting at about 90 to 95 deg, then started to creep up, went above 100 deg and quickly reached 110. I pulled over to let it cool, as i did there was steam, then water pissing out from the rad cap! Water everywhere! So, forgive my mechanical ineptness!, but im guessing a standard 13 psi rad sierra cap does not necessarily fit all rads, or at least not mine!!!. To be fair, it did seem to go too easiky! ..... so another lesson learnt there. Dohh! Ok, so this time i did a bit of matching so hopefully the new cap will now fit! At least it looks the same as the previous one, so assuming that was not wrong in the first instance! Aghhhhh.....newbie alert!!!
  12. So one problem solved, new rad cap! Im hoping this is the main issue! Vents and scoops fitted. Thinking of lifting the hood 10mm one end to let heat out. One other though was heat wrap on the exhaust manifold, anyone tried that?
  13. Jtomo

    A Frame Towing

    Sorry about that - newbie!!!!