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  1. Just wondering who runs smaller number plates and if so how small i safe to go,i know their not legal but wana go smaller for looks etc. Thanks
  2. Hi. Just wondering who runs smaller number plates on their kit? Looking to go smaller for looks as feel normal size plates are a little ugly? Thanks
  3. Hi. I am after some ideas where to fit my side repeaters as have converted from clamshell wings to cycle wings. Also looking to fit battery isolator and unsure wheres best to fit. Thanks .
  4. Thanks for your feedback people,its only nose cone and front arches and rear arches (with poppers for hood) as bonnet and sides etc staying stainless. Thanks again
  5. Is it as hard as lots of people say to wrap your car? Thinking about giving it a try. Any help or tips would be great.
  6. They are mk indy ones. Just flat metal to bend to fit tyre etc.
  7. Hi. Im after some cycle wings/arches. Preferably unused. Thanks.
  8. Do you still have the arches for sale? Have just got round to fitting wingstays. Thanks
  9. Hi. I am changing my rh2b from clamshell arches to cycle wings,i have bought mk indy wingstays and was just wondering if there was a easy way to bend stays to shape. Any help gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  10. Have tried giving it throttle and no throttle,have tried short cranks and with throttle etc also. It just cranks over for a long time and then eventually starts. Have checked choke is completly off also,have checked spark when engine hot, also ok.
  11. Hi. I hope someone can shed abit of light for me,my mate has a 1.8 pinto in his rh2b+ with a single webber carb,fires up fine when cold but just cranks over and eventually fires when hot. Any help would be great! Thanks
  12. Hi. Im looking for a set of wheels for my robin hood 2b,set of 5 would be great but 4 would be fine. Message me with what you have. Thanks.
  13. Rthomas69 have you still got the arches for sale? Thanks.
  14. Dr_blackman do you by any chance still have the wheels for sale?
  15. After a set off alloy wheels,5 ideally but except set of 4. For my rh 2b.
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