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    Aviation and all things mechanical. we have in the family several classics, Austin Healey 1954 BN1, 1934 MGPP racing special, Several Bristols and 2 full size Steam Engines. As a qualified pilot I also own an aircraft which I fly as often as possible.

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  1. Hi guys, What a great weekend at Corner Farm , click on the link to see a few pics. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2906809049366980&set=pcb.2906814039366481&type=3&theater Thanks, see you next year. Craig
  2. I would love to, but I have toooo much food to prep.
  3. Hi Guys, OK , I have been asked to put down some ideas for the day... Arrive Saturday from Midday , leave Sunday when you feel up to it....loads of space to park and the grass will be cut nice and short for the campers. We will print out a couple of options for a road run around the local area, taking in some pubs and villages, head off when you like they are open all afternoon. Food will be ready for 18.30 pm BBQ with all trimmings, We will eat inside as its nice for everyone to sit together and chat. If you have any special dietary requirements ( you like cabbage ) please bring your own otherwise its meat all the way. Bring your own drinks please. Keith ( AKA ) DJ Jazzy Zero... will provide some music after the BBQ . The house is for everyone to use regarding Toilets and so on. We can talk more on the day when we are all together, hopefully this is enough for now. see you all soon Craig
  4. Hi Kez, shes gone, guy drove up from Maidenhead and drove her away. Got top money for the old girl, what next? See ya soon. Craig
  5. Hi Kes Not sure at the moment, you know how much kit I have, not much space at my place with the bikes, wife's Healey, and so on, I have started migrating stock down the other farm. Seems a sensible time to sell, and considering whats included and she`s a nice unmolested example. Thanks as always my friend see you soon for the June get together. if you want to pitch up early drop me a line... Craig
  6. Hi Guys I have decided to sell my 2B , looking to upgrade to my next RH project. If you know of any interested parties please pass them my way... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153038570805?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648 Thanks Craig
  7. Maybe you could sell yours to Magh , he is after one. I will offer it as a raffle prize at the event at mine, seems a good idea and give the money to charity.
  8. Damm, would have liked to go to this but , F1 Belgium Grand Prix weekend and I am at Spa.
  9. Ok Ok I can take a hint, let me see what I can do. OH.... and thanks for the reply, a lot quicker than the Auto Electricians I called LOL.
  10. No sausages for you at the BBQ!
  11. Hi guys Any ideas what this is? and is it worth anything.? Does anyone have an interest in buying it? Dont think its ever been used.... Regards Craig
  12. Thanks anyhow. Hopefully someone else will offer some advice? The most frustrating thing is... I called 3 mobile Auto Electricians yesterday , left messages with them all, not one of them had the decency to call me back. They must have toooooo much money.... Thanks Craig
  13. Hi Guys, Suggestions please? I am having a few electrical niggles, my wipers have stopped working and.. when they did work the windscreen washer was running all the time the wipers were going. I have the wiper motor and assembly out and its looking rather tired so will replace it, but..... does anyone know of a good reliable auto electrician that can come to my house and spend a some time tidying up my wiring and fixing the washer bottle pump/wiper problem. I am no electrical expert and have done all I can think off. Thanks Craig
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