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  1. Many thanks all. V5 doesn't state a model but I've spoken to seller and has paperwork from GBS regarding the purchase of a "Robin Hood Zero Kit". Also apparently chassis number has 'GBSZero' somewhere in it. So I was just being overly cautious. Really and genuinely appreciate the quick feedback so thank you! Pete
  2. Hi All, Uncertain and inexperienced new member asking for a quick bit of advice please! I have agreed to purchase this secondhand GBS Zero - please see expired eBay listing: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/122578482611 I've just checked on the DVLA website, however, as its registered as a Robin Hood. Questions: - Is this is genuine GBS Zero? Is there a way of checking or can you tell from the photos? - Assuming it is, does the slightly incorrect registration cause any issue/ concern? - Any other thoughts welcome! Due to exchange on Saturday so apologies to ask for a quick response... Many thanks all. Pete
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