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  1. G4VVU


    Just curious as to what tools people carry with them when out in theor kit cars? I usually just take whichever tools I'd need to repair the latest modification or job if it goes wrong when out on the road
  2. My Focus ST used to pass no probs with a 100 cell race cat!
  3. Another quick question lads.. fitted new rad and fan just need to wire uo thermo switch. Using the wiring diagram by NW however my thermostat only has one spade connection so that will have to be connected to the relay. Is the second spade which goes to the ignition on his diagram just an earth so as long as I earth the joiner pipe it will work as needed? Thanks
  4. Right so I've sourced a rad and fan, next question.. What temperature do I need the fan to kick in, 90 degrees and off at 80? I think my car normally runs around 89/90 and sticks about there pretty consistently unless stuck in traffic which hopefully the electric fan will resolve. Thanks for all the help chaps
  5. Thanks for the offer Dan but that's more than I was looking to pay. Yeah I think I will be going for the civic jist need to check on the car there isn't anything silly stopping it from fitting. Did you use the electric fan or still using the viscous?
  6. Great minds... I'm just looking at the civic ones at the minute. Just need to double check measurements on the car tomorrow to make sure they aren't to high
  7. Just thinking.. I'm gonna need a radiator with a pressure filler cap like what is already in there as I don't have an expansion bottle on me car. Any other suggestions?
  8. Hi all. First day out in the car this year and disaster struck! The cooling fan managed to chew threw the rad and spewed all the coolant all over the floor. Long story short a new rad is needed. I have read that the polo radiator is a common replacement but the inlet and outlet are both on yhe same side where as the original pinto are on opposite sides. Do people normally just replace the hose with a longer one to solve this problem or am I looking at the wrong ones? Cheers
  9. G4VVU

    Cam Id

    The marks are inbetween the lobes.
  10. G4VVU

    Cam Id

    Hi all just doing a bit work on my hood with a 2.0 pinto which I believed to be standard apart from twin dellorto carbs. I've also got a spare engine but ive noticed the cams have different markings on them. My spare engine is under a pile of things but the stamp is Ec249 LL14 (standard?) Can't remember if it has a ford stamp or not. The other cam is stamped with 15 Bd88 F6w6a Any help is much appreciated as a Google search has returned nothing. Thanks
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