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  1. chaz851

    2B+ For Sale

    my sentiments also, plenty up North 6 to 8 hours away. trouble is they are like new shoes need to try fit, its a long way if you cant get in, or have to drive back.
  2. chaz851

    Robin Hood 2B+ For Sale

    my fault for sitting and thinking about it for a day or two...put it down to nightshift
  3. chaz851

    New Prospective Owner Size Question

    thanks!! size 11/12 may have a problem then specially as I like wide fitting. normally wear steel toe caps when to and from work or my unit. is the tunnel pre shaped and snug to the gearbox, or would it be possible if I re moddeled the tunnel to give a bit more room?
  4. chaz851

    New Prospective Owner Size Question

    thanks for your replies. Im going back to basics and re reading the difference in specs as some of the cars Ive seen advertised, the owners dont mention what model/version so will check up front end etc. a couple Ive seen are part builds or recent ( 6 months) purchases who are re selling on.
  5. chaz851

    New Prospective Owner Size Question

    thanks for the replies. I think one was a 2b the other two don't know. problem was one owned by a short chap and needed finishing the other on the road but he was taller and thinner. the other problem is that there aren't many for sale in Wiltshire, most are Yorkshire/Scotland or East Coast. so cant get round to trying one on.. off to work now for nightshift, another reason unable to travel far. thinking that maybe the steering column could be raised, but would a lower floor, as seen in 'wheeler dealers' make a lot of difference?
  6. Hi all, Im new here so looking for a bit of help. 40 years on bikes, motocross and American cars has left me looking for a kit car. need the thrill of wind I my hair but comfort from sitting down . this is my problem. Ive sat in 3 Robin Hood's so far, the problem I have is 6ft tall and 18 stone I have difficulty with the left knee . tried driving and just sat in, the steering wheel will not rotate freely as knee jams between it and down part of chassis tubing behind dash. one car had a steering wheel with flat at the bottom, the other two had removable ones, easy to get in and out but still a safety issue while driving. don't particularly want to go too small on steering wheel as wide shouldered. is the wide bodied version any wider in the area? has anyone else had a problem here and got around it? I would look at a part built kit to modify or a finished car they could be modified without too much change to it, hence asking before buying.