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  1. brad

    S7 From France

    yep you're right! thanks!! what does the rear coilover mod require welding wise?
  2. brad

    S7 From France

    Some pics of the front suspension for identification....
  3. brad

    S7 From France

    great! thanks a lot! niduncan are you still running sierra rear springs and shocks? mine is a bit too low for my liking...thinking about coilover mods but a bit worried about the metalwork required...
  4. brad

    S7 From France

    thanks guys! looks like it's a mk3A then,although the pics on the id page aren't very big/explicit..... how would i go about finding a build manual or exploded views of the chassis?? any other owners on the page living in the south west of france???
  5. hi all,just bought myself a robinhood here in france,one of very few that have been correctly registered.... i'd love to get some more info on what i've got.... looking around google,looks like i just bought "2b_pablo"'s" old car,it's a monocoque robinhood with inboard suspension,don't know if it's mk2 or mk3.... running a 2l pinto on dellorto 40's i'd love to get in touch with people that have come across my car in blighty or northern irelend..... some pics:
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