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  1. Thanks for the replies guys. I like putting thing together and learning as I go. I have done some mechanical works and have not been beaten by any problems (yet) but have not taken on anything like this before. I have an Engineering mind - I need to know how things work and why! I know if I built a car I would always be tinkering and know what is going on with it. I also know if I bought one ready to go I would not know my car inside out and to me this is part of what taking on a kit car is about. Like most others or as least snapperpaul I always have other things going on and know I
  2. I guess the £1000 I was allowing after kit was to cover miscellaneous bits and pieces and I can agree it is more hopeful than anything. I guess I was assuming most of the work would be labour. As it stands I like doing the work but am practical enough to want to build for a little less than I can buy. With my costs I would have been allowing £2500 built and iva'd. At £3500 I can one that is in reasonably good nick.
  3. Great tread guys. Thanks. I would be hoping to buy for £500 - strip service and rebuild parts/kit. Hoping to rebuild for £1000 in new parts bolts etc. assuming grp and Engine / gearbox is OK. with IVA to follow. I am guessing the Sierra heads may need the valves and seats changed.
  4. I suppose I am considering a part built Mark 2 or 2B with most of the parts to finish needing IVA and comparing it to building a Haynes Roadster from scratch using a donor (say MX5) also needs to be built to IVA standard. To make sure all is correct I would likely be looking at stripping the RH back down and a full rebuild. I am capable of most things but would not like to gat 6-12 month work done and realise I would have no chance of IVA or at least not at reasonable money. I am looking a cheap project (Sierra donor parts) spending less than £500 with most of the parts to complete.
  5. Hi all, I have noticed on a lot of other forums discussions on how hard it is to build a RH. I am looking for opinions particularly in comparison the a Haynes Locost. and are any ot hte models easier (excluding the Zero)? Is it enough to follow the manual and videos with a little advise? Thanks
  6. Right - this is a strange one - I just though I know of a 2b rolling chassis for sale - could it be built up using the S7 mark 2 parts, body work etc. Is it compatible or even practical?
  7. Cheers - if you started again would you go for a 2b or are you happy enough with the s7 - also is the mark 2 a monocoque?
  8. I took another look and think the car is a S7 Mk2. It is pretty rough but has most if not all parts. I would be stripping down and re-building. At the minute the main running gear is installed. Bearing in mind I would need to strip and re-build and will undoubtedly need to buy some bits. Any idea of approx. value? Also I know the mk2 is a lot older - would it go through IVA or is there a post on the site detailing the additional works required to get it through the IVA. Thanks guys.
  9. Hi guys, Im new to forum and have been looking at some Robin Hoods as well as a few other cars. I was thinking of taking on a 2B that was never completed and has been lying up for a number of years. (I don't know which version but probably sliding pillar). As it was never completed and registered / IVA'd I am wondering if it is possible to get the car through an IVA (assuming I follow the build manual and videos). it have a 2.0L pinto will this be OK for IVA? If there are any serious areas which need attention / modification / strengthening can you let me know what they are? Thanks
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