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  1. I potentially could do, but i’ve had a perfect storm of new company car & surprise baby on the way, so I’m trying to sell this and a supercharged GT86 at the same time. It’s not been ideal for my car collecting dreams, but a gift none the less!
  2. Last call on this for £3250, I’m now in big trouble with my wife for it taking up too much space / my company car arrives next week. If anyone wants a bargain, feel free to get in touch.. *insert gentle sobbing sounds*
  3. Hi All, I’m looking to sell my Robin Hood RS (as badges / per V5) but I believe it’s a 2b. Less than 10,000 on the clock, bought last year for 6k but looking for £4500 due to a couple of cosmetic issues. I’ve been instructed the car needs to go, due to surprise child number 2 being inbound for May and I need to sell my 2 seater cars! Runs great, really good fun! One of the wheel arches has come off (managed to grab it!) and a couple of cosmetic issues need attention (hence price drop) which are just trim issues. Located surrey. Will ensure it has a full MOT b
  4. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    I looked in the rear view mirror and didnt realise the added extra this car came with. Drivers smile. Great day to cut loose from work early, go for a drive, see a mate and shoot some pool! Picture because Im having a blast! https://www.dropbox.com/s/e6hshsqdj4kkl44/IMG_8319.JPG?dl=0
  5. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Picked her up, along with 7 folders of build documents. Ive just started reading through them! I feel like Ive bought someones dedication, sweat and tears. Im really blown away with the detail. From a drivers point of view....What fun this car is!!!
  6. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    It is quite good fun! The guys at Abbey Motorsports turned it in to the car it should have been! Supercharge, remap, induction upgrade, cat deletion (fun on MOT day). It’s a TRD special edition and I’ve had it 4 years now and still couldn’t quite part ways with her - I’m still reeling from the cost of the insurance on the RH, £180 fully comp! Flux Direct to the rescue again! (I have a very forgiving wife!!!!) Tomorrow is pickup day!
  7. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Ill provide more info when Ive got it - thank you all again!
  8. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Its 2.0 pinto, carbd - Ill have more info when I have the paperwork when I pick it up tomorrow / Thursday. Excited! Ill post more pics when I have the car! - thanks everyone!
  9. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Thanks! Time will tell and I had an absolute blast driving it today! My day to day is a GT86 Ive had supercharged and the rear wheels are somewhat... lively! This felt like it was a lot more disciplined on corners - or maybe it was me without any electronic bail out devices present!!!
  10. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    The garage is giving me 6 months warranty on it, I’m paying out more as it’s a dealer, I know! Got full service history and a build bible from the guy that put it together. It’s detailed!
  11. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    And... https://www.dropbox.com/s/t2eidgm86erndk5/File%2029-10-2017%2C%2019%2004%2000.png?dl=0
  12. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Lets try Dropbox! https://www.dropbox.com/s/0fz24yr0w1rpquo/File%2029-10-2017%2C%2019%2001%2000.jpeg?dl=0
  13. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Thanks - it does say Robin Hood as the make, model is unspecified! I looked at a guide and it looks like a 2B, Ill try and figure out how to post a pic!
  14. Way2dru

    Hi Folks

    Well, Im a newbie to the forum and kit cars, as well as never having heard of Robin Hood cars before. Ive enjoyed riding motorbikes & driving cars and was looking to change my GT86 for something different, however I stumbled upon a Robin Hood (seems to be a 2B but is registered as an RS - unclassified at a local dealer. This then sparked the idea of two cars instead of upgrading one. A few nights thinking, a test drive and a deposit later and I should be an owner in the next few days Just wanted to say hi & and will look at joining up / getting membership here too! What a
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