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  1. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    Thanks guys, everybody I ask seems to be headed in the same direction so, I have a pair of Gaz shocks winging there way to me right now plus the 125lbs springs. Thanks again. I'll look forward to setting them up.
  2. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    lof not quitebs? not me!!! Computer thinks it knows best!!!!??
  3. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    Hi Guys, I'm back again. I've now had my stainless monocoque tub welded and strengthened at work, now it's back at home for winter rebuild. This months question is all about front coilovers. Mine has the factory Zimmerides on it (180lbs apparently). As expected, the bushes are knackered plus, one has, somewhere along it's journey, lost the big spring seat nut (just sitting on the skinny lock nut!) I think that I should take your previous advice and drop the rate to 120/130ish lof not quitebs. It was certainly way to harsh at the front as it was. Who/where do I buy my coilovers from? The internet has tons applicable info on it so, please help me out? To be clear, I'm after new front spring and shock coilovers to fit an inboard sprung stainless monocoque Robin Hood. I'm sure you'll come good so, thanks already.
  4. scoobydo71

    History Of A751 Mwd ?

    Cheers Richard, As I said, doesn't really matter that much. But you can if you like. Thanks. There is nothing to to hide with mine, just wonder where it's been? MOT history starts in south wales gradually moving north up to Anglesey . Chap I bought it from was up in East Riding but confirmed that he'd driven it back from Wales. It was more a point of is there a way of tracing the history of these things as time goes on? Maybe see you on Wed but I've got a customer who wants his Etype back so may have to put some hours in!!!! .
  5. scoobydo71

    History Of A751 Mwd ?

    Hi, just sticking this down here coz I don't really know where else to put it and I suspect not many people will care. Possibly not even me very much! Those few of you who know me will be aware that I bought my stainless monocoque (3A probably) on a bit of a whim late last year. It's a 97 (ish) kit, SVA'd in 2004 and, the important bit to this post is that it had a 2005 RHOCaR sticker on the 'screen. So, is it reasonable to put a history category onto the site to give my type somewhere to go and ask questions about where the car has been? Now, it's all about mine of course! As said, 97 kit, SVA 2004 (how it achieved that I don't know, but I have a V5C present and correct so, fine!) Since then it's had 9 previous owners but apparently only done 1202 miles up to 2011. Then returned to zero in 2015 (New dash) so now reads 550 miles all of which were added in the last year (known fact). No more history. Reg is A751 MWD which I guess is old the sierra number but could just be an age related plate for all I know. It was a RHOCar member in 2005 so I wonder if anyone ever came across it back in the day. Maybe someone could shed a bit more light on it's back story? I don't really need to know of course. I'm just a nerd who'd like to find out! Car is being rebuilt to my specs now so it's history is a bit irrelevant but it does occur to.me that other people might want to find a way of tracking history. Kit cars being so difficult to trace on the 'net after all? Enough waffle for now, but if anyone knows of my car I'd love to know. cheers, nerdy geek!
  6. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    I had to smirk as I wrote that, guessed one of you would perv it up. Well done! 90's Trannies fine with me too, but at least I've sorted my balls out!!
  7. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    Cheers guys, sorted! I did check Transit parts first but didn't go old enough. 90's Trannies have a female thread fitting not male so I'd dismissed them! Thanks again for the help.
  8. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    Hi again guys, Just a quick question, hope it works through this post? I need to replace my upper wishbone ball joints. What are they from? Look a lot like P38 Range Rover track rod ends but, given it's dark, wet and I'm dry and warm in the office so I'm not going up the garden to compare with mine! Any answers welcome. If you haven't read the whole post, mine we think is a mk3 or 3A stainless monocoque. Inboard coilovers of course (1997 probably). Cheers.
  9. scoobydo71


    richyb66 I've comitted to help on Sat. Kenilworth train station now open so, could drop you there if that helps? It's on my way home btw.
  10. scoobydo71


    OK, I'll just wing it and see how I get on, Wouldn't be the first time I've crashed a party after all!
  11. scoobydo71


    OK Keith, I can spare a bit of Saturday time to help and can be there for 10.30. Do I need to know/have anything special to get in? Or, if I just explain what I'm doing will I be allowed in? I've set up big NEC shows and the like before but always just waltzed in with fancy passes so don't know how this show works! Greg
  12. scoobydo71

    West Mids Convoy To Stoneleigh Sun 6Th May 2018

    Cheers, but about as far in the wrong direction as it is to Stoneleigh for me in the old motor which I didn't build and has had 10 owners since it was registered in 2004? So, I'm still taking baby steps to find out why and what falls off most!! BTW, if your not going to CV3, a nice route is to continue down the A452. Balsall Cammon to Kenilworth is a great little bit of twisty fun, then straight thro Kenny past the castle & over the A46. Then left before Cubbington and into Stoneleigh from the 'back' if you like.
  13. scoobydo71


    OK cool thanks. Please let Keith know for me but 5:00 am alarm for work tomorrow means goodnight for now. Will log in again tomorrow to check whether I can be of help. Cheers Greg.
  14. scoobydo71


    Hi people, Planning to drive my stainless to the show on Sunday just to hello really but, I could possibly be available on Sat to help set up? Only driven my car 6 miles so far (with several fuel supply breakdowns). Fancy pants new Facet pump fitted and I'm quietly confident. Going to try and find time the in evenings and Fri to prove reliability. Anyway, I'm really local (just near Kenilworth) so, if you feel that you need a hand just post a reply. Greg.
  15. scoobydo71

    Stainless Robin

    Cheers guys, danliv. I plan to fix up my tub, it's not so bad yet, but, the cracks do need catching and bracing right now! If I find anything much more serious, I will chat about yours. Tim, Have a 4 into 1 long header stainless manifold already on it. Should be good for flow. Fouls the steering column tho so need to try and shufty the engine over a little or, cut and shut it a bit to make clearance! Got any pics of yours fitted? Easy solutions are always wanted (and paid for)! Might be interested in your V8 pipes if still available ( one for the future). Fuel tank is number 1 priority tho.