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  1. Thank you, I've calmed down now. All I want is for my car to pass MOT, You do sound knowledgeable. So, just to clarify. My log book section 4 has no emission info, it's only noted in section 3 special notes. Does my MOT man have any extra clout with VOSA or is it easier for me just to do it? Can they just change the 'system' so that the V5C emissions spec is accepted?
  2. Jesus guys, you're at it already! Thanks but, my MOT man types in my reg and (so I'm told) the 'system' dictates what emissions it must meet. 1972 pinto will struggle to meet what they ask!!!!!!!! Just need it to agree with my Log book. Am I wrong here?
  3. Sorry, I should add that I want the 4.5% 1200ppm emissions not the current! I'm an old Hippy so I'm not that clean and it's a tuned 1972 pinto block (passes the Log Book figures with ease but we'll struggle like hell to meet the current levels!)
  4. Hi guys, Log book issues is not a topic that I particularly want to dredge up again . I've read some of the old posts, divisive to say the least! Hopefully, mine will be straight forward so, please don't reply with opinions or speculation, you'll just waste my time, OK? Please, only if you have been through the following situation, let me know how you got on. Thanks. Right, my car details, A - - - MWD age relate plate?, first reg. 12 2004, first reg. in UK 12 2004. Special notes. Kit built/Converted bla bla parts may not be new. SVA/IVA cert 11 2004. Emissions %CO 4.5 HC 1200ppm OK, got it? But, when we log my car on at MOT it throws up currentish emissions %CO 0.200, HC 200ppm. Before I ring the DVLA to tell them they're wrong therefore potentially opening a can of worms, have any of you guys been here before? Will they just look at there files and update the MOT data or am I digging myself into a hole thats deeper than I need!! Thanks in advance.
  5. The Gaz shocks are an inch longer ( 13") than standard at full extension. I felt that I had to open the space in the top of the crossmember just in case I get the wheels in the air over a humped back bridge (the top wishbones would've fouled on mine in that scenario!). The ride height is adjustable with the coilovers of course, I have mine with the spring wound 30mm from base to create the original ride height, and the dampers on the base setting. It's nice and compliant (no anti roll bar) at the mo. but I'll start playing with it when I get comfortable that all the stress cracks are cured. Rears? don't ask! I've had the wheels off and shuddered, I'll drive it about this year but it's all coming out this winter to be redesigned.
  6. Yes, and the springs. Probably could have haggled them down cheaper but wanted them in the post right away! Rear is still the 'factory' set up. It works (as in that the wheels move independently) but the mountings are bending. Next winters' job is to re-make new mounts including roll cage and floor strengthening. Then, I'll sort some Gaz Golds for that end as well I guess!
  7. I have a 3a stainless monocoque car. Much the same I think. Mine was built and SVA'd but still really, really crap! Read my Stainless Robin post in 'chassis' section. There was a lot of help offered. I think that there is lot that you can do to strengthen it up before you really get building, be easier in the long run! Your welcome to whiz over (I'm Kenilworth, other side of Brum) and look, photo, take notes from mine if you wish.
  8. Hi there Jimmy, Go to pge 3 of my 'Stainless Robin' posts. niduncan provides a link to Gaz coilovers that work + 125lb springs. Just fitted them to mine over winter and so far pleased with the results. Originals are apparently Zimmerides with 180lb springs. Way, way to hard!
  9. Thanks blue, ball joints all sorted now! It'd spat a hose off, long boring story so, easier to speak than type. Mucked about re-jigging pipework and we should be OK?! Weather permitting, will try and get a run in tomorrow and again next Fri. Wish me luck. If all goes well I'm available for Sat set up. 10.30 last year I think but let me know how you're fixed.
  10. Cheers, I'm doing my best. Do you guys need a hand setting up on Sat again? I plan to be reliable by the end of the weekend so, should be able to whizz over if I can be of help.
  11. Update to anyone who cares? Veggie plots built, seeds sown. So called the shots last Fri, new steering column in, lights,wings etc, etc, fitted. Put 30 plus miles on it last Sat, Didn't break down and nothing fell off. Cool! Rebuilt my gearlever with a shortshift kit today, nice, but then fired it up just to find it spraying coolant out under the bonnet. It's probably just a split hose but no time to check so, I'm having to call the shots again this weekend (she's pretending to be cool about it!). I'll sort it out and hopefully get another quick run in. Stoneleigh here we come and the decking can wait!
  12. Thanks, that could be the answer. I know of Dave Mac ( Subaru driveshafts many years ago) but wasn't aware of what stock they may hold. They arn't too far from work and I have an Etype to test drive next week. You can see where that's going! Aside, Much welding been done, Gaz shocks installed (had to modify the crossmember to take the extra travel). Seriously stronger lower wishbone rear mounts fitted. Must must must get a steering column in it quick now so that I can get a test drive in before May. Remember, house takes priority (not my rules) so I get about 4hrs on a Friday afternoon to play toy. Bugger, that gives me about 12 hours to make it driveable. Should be possible. You don't even want to know about all the boards I've just bought to rebuild the decking and veg plots, and it's spring so we need to get the food growing. It's all good fun but I can feel the time slipping away. See you all at Stonleigh then?
  13. Hi again, I'm back with a quick question, I need to know what UJ I can use at the steering rack end of the column. I have a Sierra rack but with a proper UJ fitted to it (not the flexi rubber item that my Haynes shows). Mine has had the pinch bolt and column input shaft welded in, plus a sleeve welded over the whole lot. It's a (strong) mess but I'm re-routing the column to clear the exhaust and can't re-use this bottom joint. Just need a lead to which UJ will fit the Sierra rack and I can sort the rest. I'm sure one of you will come good so thanks in advance! P.s. Running out of time but still intend to bring it to Stoneleigh again in a month!!!
  14. Thanks guys, everybody I ask seems to be headed in the same direction so, I have a pair of Gaz shocks winging there way to me right now plus the 125lbs springs. Thanks again. I'll look forward to setting them up.
  15. lof not quitebs? not me!!! Computer thinks it knows best!!!!??
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