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  1. MrToad

    Vacuum advance

    After trying to start engine take spark plugs out and see if they are wet. If not it's odds on to be a fuel problem If they are look to the electrics. If dry plugs try carb, not too sure but you may have a fuel cut off valve that may be stuck or not connected. Can also see if fuel being fed into intake if remove air filter and see fuel while someone else turns engine - word of caution beware of backfire or will loose eyebrows or worse - smart phones or camera a good alternative! If wet plugs it's pretty likely to be electrics so check again, if running a dizzy check the spark gap etc. Good luck. Jim
  2. MrToad

    help with unregistered car

    I went through the test last year, failing on the first attempt but only on minor details the worst of which was the engine over fueling. As it was considered minor faults the retest fee was £90 (maybe more now) with a list of 8 items. Examiner was very helpful and pointed out all the individual items explaining what he wanted to see and how to approach them. Main errors with mine were exposed edges and seat headrests not high enough. Over riding advice that came out for me was if in doubt stick rubber around it (not hot areas - hole for exhaust had to be radiused due to examiner being able to squeeze fingers in gap). However if the examiner considers any failure to be a major they can demand a full test again (very rare) and that retests are limited in time to I think 6 months from original test. It sounds as if you are well on the way with the build and good luck with the IVA. Do remember though that for the registration you need to supply all the proving documentation again including the IVA pass - I speak from experience as it took 14 weeks to get my registration as I thought the IVA pass was a confirmation of provided documents also I had to supply proof of used parts to get age related registration (serial nos, part nos. etc.). Best of luck. Jim
  3. MrToad

    help with unregistered car

    When you read through the documents for the IVA have a close look at the status of build. It may pay for you to disassemble the car so that you can check everything out, then take pictures as you rebuild to faithfully be able to claim "self build" status. This is good practice anyway as you do not know the competency of the initial build. As said once you have carried out the IVA checks come back to get assistance on any queries or clarification as the club will offer great help when needed.
  4. MrToad

    Sierra Rev Counter

    Hi, The link below shows all wiring diagrams for Sierra in very clear format, it proved invaluable to me while doing my car. http://jeankule.free.fr/Pinto/1982-1989.pdf
  5. MrToad

    Wishbone Conversion - Advice & Help Please

    Hi, Quite agree, would be quite a task. Normal road use setting is .5 to 1 degree negative front and rear camber. The only real reason to increase this is for track or special use. The extreme of this was long time ago when Mini Rod racing on circular tracks we set the inside wheel to 0 and the outside wheel 3 to 5 degrees negative - not scientific though as adjustment was by sledge hammer! My reference book that I could not do without is the Haynes publication - Build Your Own Sports Car On A Budget by Chris Gibbs. Chapter 5 shows full details about constructing wishbone suspension sizes, materials, and how to construct. I would strongly suggest you get hold of a copy as it really is essential reading.
  6. MrToad

    Wishbone Conversion - Advice & Help Please

    I know it may not be totally helpful but my Kit is a Westfield chassis and suspension. If you need any dimensions to get the geometry fix let me know what is required and I will try to help. Westfield chassis is made from 25mm square tube but axis points should be ok and is a double wishbone set up.. However I will not be able to help on upright details as I am using Cosworth units which have different dimensions to either Sierra or Cortina versions, having a greater caster angle amongst other variations. Shhh don't tell Westfield
  7. MrToad

    Hants & Dorset January Meet

    We'll probably be in Smart Car as still no sign of the exhaust.
  8. MrToad

    winter body work

    Looks brilliant. all credit to you on a very professional looking build.
  9. MrToad

    It's just NUTS

    For national supply I used orbitalfasteners.co.uk from Hertfordshire. Personally though I have a good relationship with a local supplier who may not be best priced but always there to help, especially with small quantities, but they are in Newbury. For ease of access I would look for a supplier nearer to you especially with motor manufacture on your doorstep there must be a good factors close.
  10. MrToad

    Hants & Dorset January Meet

    All good this end. As weather looks good (if a little chilly), will try to come out in Kit car but "b" garage has my exhaust and making all sorts of excuses for getting it back, so called lifetime guarantee!
  11. MrToad

    PCV valve knackered... where is best place to get one?

    Sorry should have read EGR not EFR, must have been the second pint that did it, Hic
  12. MrToad

    PCV valve knackered... where is best place to get one?

    Have you tried cleaning the valve with something like carb cleaner. They are generally a very simple ball valve with spring pressure and the job they do is in very messy conditions and like later EFR valves suffer from sticking in position. Garages will just look at diagnosis computer and fit a new EFR valve at extreme cost, when all that's needed is a good clean to free up the mechanism.
  13. MrToad

    Hants & Dorset January Meet

    In the diary, look forward to meet.
  14. MrToad

    Attack of nostalgia

    Wow that looks amazing. Not much of a bike man myself as parents and then wife against me riding any. Not to give too much away I think my friend had one of these and then went on to the square four if i'm heading the right way. Would be a great competition identifying old motorbikes - think it's been done though - but always good. I will show my brother in law who was a cafe racer during 50's/60's meeting at the Brands Hatch cafe.
  15. MrToad

    Hants & Dorset January Meet

    Hi, We(Mary & Jim) up for a meet only not available w/e 26th Jan. There is a good pub we use at Kingsclere who support local clubs for meets - "The Crown" serves good food and has parking, slight negative is parking round the back of the pub which is public and used for the local Doctors but pretty secure.