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  1. MrToad

    Moog6 Update

    Brilliant, so pleased for you! I know how much these babies mean to us all What a happy Christmas you will have Jim
  2. MrToad

    how to determine chuck key size

    Good Luck
  3. MrToad

    how to determine chuck key size

    Hi, There are hundreds of different chucks available and not that easy to tell apart. I would suggest you remove the chuck off the press (should be a morse taper fit) and take to a local engineering supplier - like Buck & Hickmann, who then can find a suitable match for your chuck. A little bit more expensive but you can end up ordering many keys before you get the right one (sods law now states that you would get it correct first time). If not a taper(highly unlikely) it will be held on with a thread and possibly a locking screw in centre. I used to run a tool hire company and kept loads of different keys in stock for just these occurrences, and still we had shortfalls! Jim
  4. MrToad


    data protection versus freedom of information proves everything denies nothing! Just a suitable rock to hide behind.
  5. MrToad


    Hi and Good Morning, I have only started this year really getting involved with club as car registered within last few months. I live at the extreme North of Hampshire and to confuse matters my post code is Berkshire. I am keen to get involved in events/meets but notice this area is not supported. At the moment I am to much of a fledgling to head up anything but will actively support if happenings are close. I have already put myself on map so you can see my location. Regards Jim
  6. MrToad

    Robin Hood Exmo, From Barn To Iva

    Hi, Just seen your threads and notice the cooling issues you have had. As you are now fitting a header I have a non vented radiator off a VW Polo diesel (new) which is plenty adequate for stock pinto applications - no charge just give a donation to charity, this would allow the rad to be more vertically mounted. If you continue with your positioning you may have to carefully direct the air flow even to the extent of adding mid fins as there would be a tendency for the radiator to only be effectively cooled at the top due to air damming. I experienced this with construction equipment applications where heavy duty fans had to be fitted operating constantly to maintain efficiency. I had problems fitting radiators in mine car but mostly due to the requirements of fitting a large inter-cooler which I had to mount in the front, my offbeat solution was to fit a side pod with 2 formula Ford radiators (long but high capacity) also a Kawasaki unit directly down from the header tank and turbo. All this has resulted in an extremely cool running engine with only about 50kg added to overall mass, useful in an engine with high power potential and allowing all of it to be used. Jim
  7. MrToad

    just testing

    I've owned approx. 100 cars. This could be quite epic
  8. MrToad

    Brake lock-up

    It's a matter of going through everything on the brakes methodically. First thing is you mention all the brakes are 9 years old now. Have you changed the brake fluid? This must be done at least every 3 years unless using 5.1 fluid, reason is that most brake fluids absorb water and this can convert to steam in hot brakes, resulting in air locks. Secondly at 9 years the brake discs/drums could have built up rust in the operating cylinders which you will not be able to see unless disassembled making the operation less than smooth and ultimately locking components. At 9 years I would personally give the whole system a full check up, removing brake pads, checking cylinders, checking pipe runs, reassembling with copper grease where required, fully bleeding through with new fluid. If all this fails you may have a failing wheel cylinder, however this usually shows up by having fluid leak from it. Lastly you mention that you have only done 6000 miles presumably in the 9 years, this low usage will often show up in moving parts seizing or getting stiff. An annual service for all motor vehicles is essential to maintain good reliability. Jim
  9. MrToad

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    My choice is Shoulder of South Coast Lamb followed by Vintage Ale Sticky Toffee Pudding My partners (Mary) choice is Fuller's Frontier Battered Fish and Chips followed by Chocolate and Hazelnut Mouse Thanks Jim and Mary
  10. MrToad

    Website feedback thread

    I can't find a "sign out" tab on the new website. Does the site automatically sign out when leaving or am I not looking in the right location (or going blind/batty)?
  11. MrToad

    Website feedback thread

    Taking a bit of time and effort to retrain myself with the new format but already starting to make sense. Like the features and navigation seems to be easier also more comprehensive. Signing in was my first hurdle but soon got the hang of it. Olduns like me need a bit of time to adjust, poor old things. Keep up the good work!
  12. MrToad

    Rusty sheet metal

    As Steve said if it is only surface rust best way is to sand back to shiny metal and use a good quality barrier coat usually red oxide or similar and undercoat soon after.. There are rust converters on the market that change chemically the rust to a material like steel which stops the metal from degrading further, however it is usually used to stabilize heavy rusting where filler is needed to make up the surface. This coating still needs surface to be cleaned of loose rust/oils/paints and to be primed quickly after application otherwise rust will return. No substitute for a bit of "elbow grease" i'm afraid, but the results will be worth it. Jim
  13. MrToad

    Quick Release Steering Wheel Hubs

    Got 1 of the type suggested by MarkBzero and cb750. Found an old RS hub that was mostly there and with a bit of machining have got them to mate up, even maintained the steering lock - bit pointless with no steering wheel and self cancelling indicators Set up now great with very little play( will have to watch rubber pegs which could wear quickly) and hardly any loss of space, thanks for all the ideas - an economical solution.
  14. MrToad

    The Fairies In The Garage

    Check spark plugs after tried to start, if wet then likely to be electrics and test whether power getting to plugs (spark plug testers are cheap and useful unless you want to try the wet finger test, cheaper but not advisable, been there done that!) , if dry no fuel getting through so work on carbs. Sorry to be smart but just gone through whole scenario with mine to find intermittent fault to fuel pump so would work when on my own and fail when showing off to others, removed joint and soldered up .
  15. MrToad

    Hants & Dorset Xmas Meal Sunday 2Nd December

    Count on 2 of us interested. Probably Jim and Mary.