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  1. The problem you're having is the vinyl won't conform to the complex curve of the nosecone, so I'm guessing airflow is getting under gaps and ripping it off?
  2. Sold pending collection on Saturday
  3. Yeah I'm going to mate, got another car lined up so was just trying to spark a bit of interest.It's got 3 days left on eBay and then it'll just be kept until next spring and I'll do a few little bits I've been meaning to do on it over winter
  4. Price is now £8500 for anyone on here
  5. Mine has the standard early type and I had no problems at donnington a few weeks back
  6. Just wrong time of year mate I expected it to be fair
  7. Thanks for the kind words mate Yeah it's up on eBay until the end of the month. Surprised you rekkon it's worth more though? I thought I was being cheeky having it up at 9k lol I understand it's completely the wrong time of year to be selling though. I'll let the advert on eBay run till the end of the month, and then I'll just keep it until April time and try again If anyone knows anyone after a Zero, then point them in this direction
  8. Walk round video Cold start video
  9. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F292701409039 Few more pics on there
  10. Cheers Chris. Looks a little different from when you came round for those bits
  11. Any comments on price? Guessing it's the wrong time of year to be selling aswell really
  12. 2011 GBS Zero 2300 miles 2.0 Zetec Raceline baffled sump Raceline water rail AT Power throttle bodies Emerald K6 ECU MT75 gearbox with quickshift linkage Brembo discs all round, Mintex 1144 pads This fantastic Zero was built by the previous owner and registered in 2011. Built using all new parts, including a crate Zetec engine meaning it was registered on an age related plate (61 plate) rather than a Q plate. All this came at a cost of over £16k Having only covered just under 2300 miles, this car is still pretty much like new. It was built to a very high standard, and has been maintained to the same level since. Over the past winter the car had a bit of a makeover. This included a full strip down of the suspension, new arches front and rear, and the car was vinyl wrapped in matte grey vinyl. The car was then built back up with new brakes ready for it's MOT in July which it passed without any issues. The rear lights have been upgraded to expensive LED items, which give the rear a more modern look. Running in the region of 170bhp and weighing around 600kgs, this car doesn't fail to put a smile on your face. It goes and sounds brilliant, and handles amazingly well! Interior wise the car is fitted with JK Composites fibreglass seats. These are much more comfortable than they look! 4 point TRS harnesses keep you strapped in. The driver's seat also benefits from being fitted on an adjustable runner. All switchgear was recently rewired and everything works as it should. Private plate is included with the sale. Could be spaced to read "X ZERO" if you were that way inclined. There is also a gloss black rear diffuser fitted which isn't shown in the pictures. Bad points....this is a homemade car, please don't expect factory quality finish. There are imperfections, it rattles, it sounds very "mechanical" and it's noisy! There are rough bits on the vinyl wrap here and there. Come and view the car in person if you're interested. Grab yourself a serious toy, and enjoy the last bit of summer! Any questions then please ask. Test drives will be carried out by myself only, unless the money is in my hand first More pics on request. Looking for £8950
  13. Weather is looking dry for tomorrow! Looking forward to getting the car out
  14. You can get it in pretty much all colours/finishes imaginable mate
  15. I'd defo considering wrapping. I wrapped mine myself, and while not 100% perfect, it looks good from 20 yards Much easier and cleaner than spraying
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