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  1. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    Ha ha, yes all with tolerances
  2. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    The hoods new home being built as we speak, this will allow me to make much better progress at home.
  3. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    Apologies for the lack of updates, i run a busy engine conversion garage and work in the last 6 months has been so hectic that the Hood had to take a back seat, i'm also building a new garage at home to bring it back home with me so that progress can be made at weekends etc as i'm finding there is just no time to work on it during my working week or in between customers cars. Since the last update the V6 engine has been fully rebuilt and i will be picking the project back up soon.
  4. Paddy1970


    Pm sent sir.
  5. Paddy1970


    Hi, I'd accept £350 and throw in free delivery. I will get you some pics on Monday, they are at my garage business.
  6. Paddy1970


    I have a full brand new 2b hood and frame and brand new doors that i will probably never fit, i paid £450 for them so probably not what you are looking for but make me a decent offer.
  7. Paddy1970

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Hi, i didn't get an email from you?
  8. Paddy1970

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Hi, it's paul@woodsport.org , thanks.
  9. Paddy1970

    Robin Hood 2B Unused Parts/kit

    Are the front brake calipers still for sale? If so how much posted to Durham, thanks.
  10. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    You've done a great job with that, i've shortened mine by about 3" and already made the screen support brackets, luckily my frame passes by the screen legs in the right place so it wasn't too hard, i did drill and tap the holes out to M12 though, they didn't look strong enough for me and i have millions of Toyota threaded bolts.
  11. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    Thanks for that, looking at your pics, did you use a Midget windscreen as well? I thought i was being original by being the first lol
  12. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    Roger that, i'm sure there's a ton of little things i will need to address.
  13. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    I keep saying the fabrication stage is nearly finished before the big tear down, but then i find another thing i need to fabricate and off we go again. I feel i am close to that point. Fresh rubber on the JR19's, i went for a full sized spare rather than a thinner version, made the spare wheel carrier which will also carry the number plate holder/lighting, there is also a removeable frame behind the rear panel which will hold the 4x100 wheel mount, it needed to be removeable to get my fuel tank out in future. So this is how she currently looks, like something dredged from the canal, i know it's only cosmetic but looking forward to the making things pretty stage. She's got a fat ass, 70" from arch to arch.
  14. Paddy1970

    Project Valtezza

    With a weekend at home to spare (the Valtezza is at the garage/work) i decided to facelift the Robin Hood dash, this is exactly what i am going to do on the Valtezza too. I love Burr Walnut, it harks back to my love of old classics and gives any dashboard a touch of class about it, to be honest i hated the leather covered steel sheet that was there before. So although not 100% finished, i've added a few more Smiths gauges, converted my defuct ETB speedo and tacho to modern (but retro looking) equivalents, i've also added a glovebox which wasn't there before. The wood i used for this was taken from an old wardbrobe door i bought from Ebay for pennies, i have the other door which will go into the Valtezza dash.
  15. Paddy1970

    North East Area Meeting Wed.29Th Aug, From 7-30Pm

    I will be there weather permitting, forecast looks good though.