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  1. Hi Steve, i used to fit my Aeroscreen for MOT then revert back to fixed afterwards, slightly naughty but it was my workaround, if i had kept it long term i would have added the wipers/washers.
  2. Sorry Graham, she sold on the first viewing.
  3. Lol there's a log burner going in tomorrow ready for Winter.
  4. It's not something that is concerning me honestly, i've used seasoned timber and as you can see i've built garages before so it's not my first rodeo. The key to preventing excess door swelling is to get the framing right, my doors are constructed with 3x2 treated for the framing, triangulated and braced, the rear of the doors are covered with 12mm ply and screwed every 6" over the entire area, and for good measure the entire door is framed with 50mm angle, the tongue and groove boards are 25mm thick ones, not the usual thin ones, so if excess swelling does occur it will need to overcome the framing and break the steel. I have allowed a 12mm expansion gap at the top and bottom and hinge side, there is a 20mm gap between the doors which gets covered by an overlap board. I've built doors this way on previous garages and never had a problem but yes i've experienced expansion issues on simply made shed doors etc
  5. Now normally that would be the case, but this chap is well aware of expansion issues with wood, so i've prevented that from happening by framing the doors with 50mm x 50mm 3mm thick angle iron, it's impossible for my gaps to close up.
  6. You can tell i'm a vehicle technician, check out those panel gaps on the garage doors lol.
  7. Nothing to update with on the Valtezza but her new home is coming along very nicely, this will let me plough full steam ahead on the project this Autumn/Winter so updates should be more frequent.
  8. Hi chaps, going to drop the price to £4k for a quick sale but keeping her if no interest at that price, cheers Paul.
  9. Hi chaps, i'm building a Hood project which will be replacing my current 2B which i have owned and maintained for the last two years and upgraded along the way, so i think the time has come to sell the 2B to make way for the new one. In the last two years she has been a joy to own and given me so much pleasure, it will be a sore loss when she goes, but hopefully the new one i am building will fill that gap. The engine is a 1.6 Pinto, which doesn't burn any oil, and is mechanically perfect, so oil leaks or noises, compression is perfect across all four, this is mated to the usual 5 speed type 9. Last year i carried out a bike carb conversion, using carbs from a ZX10 and it was one of the best mods i've ever done, she starts and runs perfectly, idles perfectly and pulls well through the rev range, i am a vehicle technician by trade so did all of the work myself, rejetted/balanced etc. The entire braking system has been overhauled, new drums/shoes/cylinders on the rear, new discs/pads and brand new Sierra 2.8 calipers on the front. Last year i fitted freshly refurbed split rim 5 spoke wheels which were on a Dax Rush with brand new tyres, which have done less than 1000 miles since fitting. I carried out a walnut dash conversion recently which really sets her off instead of the leather covered steel one before and added a useable glovebox. The pics of the dash were taken during construction and have since been finished off, all Period Smiths gauges fitted and working which include Oil pressure/volts/fuel gauge/water temp/Vacuum and Amps. The speedo and tacho are new modern units with a period style. She has about 9 months MOT and flew through this year with perfect emissions too. I'm looking for £4500, which i feel is a good price for such a well sorted and looked after 2B, she's a stunner in my opinion and a real joy to own. Serious enquiries only please, viewing highly recommended and test drives welcomed.
  10. Ha ha, yes all with tolerances
  11. The hoods new home being built as we speak, this will allow me to make much better progress at home.
  12. Apologies for the lack of updates, i run a busy engine conversion garage and work in the last 6 months has been so hectic that the Hood had to take a back seat, i'm also building a new garage at home to bring it back home with me so that progress can be made at weekends etc as i'm finding there is just no time to work on it during my working week or in between customers cars. Since the last update the V6 engine has been fully rebuilt and i will be picking the project back up soon.
  13. Paddy1970


    Hi, I'd accept £350 and throw in free delivery. I will get you some pics on Monday, they are at my garage business.
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