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  1. Still says cannot receive any new messages.
  2. Tried messaging you but no luck. Could not be received?
  3. Im tempted again after viewing porsche. 2.0 pinto and easy enough to tinker with. V tempting . Just needs front arches putting back on as they were not that secure (re-riveting Perhaps). Also some of the poppers for roof are knackered. No doors. Even at that I think it might be worth it. Pretty straight and clean.
  4. Thanks for all the advice guys. 2b I was looking at is now basically £2k . Getting a boxster near that price will be risky I think. Im ok with tools - look after my dailies myself for the most part. I wonder!
  5. Thanks folks. Mostly road use to be honest. Something fun for weekends really however still not sure how much use Ill get out it. Considering a boxster too (which are getting cheap) and arguably could be used in worse weather. Insurance would be higher though. Decisions !
  6. Folks, I have just joined up in preparation for purchase of a 2b. I had one a few years ago very briefly (before the kids). When look online re the currently thinking around Robin Hoods in the community they don't seem to be highly thought of to be honest - lots of chat about them being "ok for cruising about but not driving hard" - can this be right?? - ref Pistonheads etc.. You guys all love them but I wondered about any reassurance in regard to performance etc - car has a 2.0 pinto i think. The one I have seen is close to £2k so i guess it is reasonable value, Any advise appreciated?
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