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  1. Knoxy

    Obp Pedal Box (Adjustable)

    which way does the clutch cable pull from? could it be pulled up ie cable comes in from under the car. thinking it may be good for one of my other projects.
  2. Knoxy

    Shockers Brakes Bonnet Nose Cone Etc

    I can, can do this saturday aswrll. Drop me a message. Thanks Mike.
  3. Knoxy

    Shockers Brakes Bonnet Nose Cone Etc

    I can, can do this saturday aswrll. Drop me a message. Thanks Mike.
  4. Knoxy

    Shockers Brakes Bonnet Nose Cone Etc

    im interested in bonnet,nose cone,windscreen,headlights Possibly vented discs an pads too.
  5. Knoxy

    Making A Start

    I'm going down the mx5 route with mine. Think mine is a sub k with macpherson struts. However im keeping ford running gear. i've got the 1.8vvt engine + box provisionally mounted so would be good to see how you get on with it.
  6. Knoxy

    Shockers Brakes Bonnet Nose Cone Etc

    Message sent.
  7. Knoxy

    Mx5 Engine And Box

    im fitting an mx5 1.8vvt and box into my 2b/4- sub k (not quite sure on model) im keeping the sierra diff to save modding the rear suspension. i've basically bought the entire mx5 removed all engine and box components, full loom, fuel tank, steering column, battery, switches etc and sold the rest im pretty much even on it now. did only buy the mx5 for 350 though.
  8. Knoxy

    Tyre Profiles

    thanks wanderer and jez morton, will bear that in mind. will be using after market clocks as i have sierra diff but mx5 engine and box.
  9. Knoxy

    Tyre Profiles

    thanks for confirming that AndyW
  10. Knoxy

    Tyre Profiles

    These are the wheels.
  11. Knoxy

    Tyre Profiles

    not sure if they are wolfrace or array, im going off what the seller has told me. they do have yellow robin hood wheel centers though. sounds like 195/50's are the size to go with. thanks for your responses.
  12. Knoxy

    Tyre Profiles

    i'm picking up a set of 15x6.5jj alloys on sunday, original 5 spoke hood wheels by wolfrace. I will be looking at tyres once i have them. What tyre profiles are people using? also brands to stay away from on these cars.
  13. Knoxy

    Hybrid Sub K

    Well I've liberated the engine and box from the donor mx5 and it's now sat in then hood chassis. It's amazing how much further along it looks with an engine in rather than just a rolling chassis. Now to fab some mounts up and make it permanent.
  14. Knoxy

    Hybrid Sub K

    thanks longboarder, looks like I may now have raise a few more pennies being able to sell diff and rear suspension from the mx5 then and leave what's in there alone. think I have most of the main items for the build, its then mainly body work that that I need to figure out such as the cockpit foot well panelling I think its pretty much self explanatory. although if anyone has a measurement for how far back their pedal box is from a common point on the chassis that would be great give me a starting point for fitting mine.
  15. Knoxy

    Hybrid Sub K

    Thanks bob. There is no tags on it. Will give the outputs a turn. Will still strip it anyway fit new bearings etc.