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  1. I'm selling my set of robin hood array wheels as i no longer have my project. They are on ebay but open to offer on here if anyone is interested. http://ebay.us/nHPWas?cmpnId=5338273189
  2. Problem solved. I used the wrong second position wire. The black/ white wire I used goes dead on cranking the blue wire that for some reason I'd taped up a few months back was wire I actually needed. Obvious when you have a wiring diagram that's correct an not relying on multimeter. Now to get it firing out the exhaust not the inlet.
  3. I'm using Mazda mx5 column with 3 positions. Although I must admit that I haven't checked that position 3 is staying both live and cranking. What your saying blue makes sense. The loom has a optional wire for starter button. Might temporarily wire in a button on that see if it works.
  4. Ignore alternator stuff it still wants changing but nothing to do with my start issues. I've worked out what all my relays are an there is an ECU one. On cranking its losing all voltage on both sides. Almost as if the starter Is drawing all the power. I'm confused might be a call to gbs on Tuesday.
  5. Could it be due to not having the alternator connected as the Mazda alternator requires the Mazda ECU for regulating voltage or something like that. So looking at alternatives together round this. According to the little wiring information I have for the loom. I have an ECU ignition relay no idea which one it is but if this hasn't got power might be my issue.
  6. ECU is on position 2. It only powers up when on second click. That's what I thought I had done initially so pulled the column connections apart just to check.
  7. I've bought the gbs chassis loom engine loom and emerald ECU. Everything plugs together as it should only thing I've had to do is connect the Mazda column switches to the loom. My problem is when the key is turned to position 3(start) the power to the ECU drops out but the car is still cranking over. I've checked the battery voltage when cranking. My thinking is that there might be a relay for the ECU that's losing power when I turn the key. I dobt have a fuse or relay diagram from gbs so I'm not sure what is what. The ECU powers up fine an does everything it should until start up. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  8. which way does the clutch cable pull from? could it be pulled up ie cable comes in from under the car. thinking it may be good for one of my other projects.
  9. I can, can do this saturday aswrll. Drop me a message. Thanks Mike.
  10. I can, can do this saturday aswrll. Drop me a message. Thanks Mike.
  11. im interested in bonnet,nose cone,windscreen,headlights Possibly vented discs an pads too.
  12. Knoxy

    Making A Start

    I'm going down the mx5 route with mine. Think mine is a sub k with macpherson struts. However im keeping ford running gear. i've got the 1.8vvt engine + box provisionally mounted so would be good to see how you get on with it.
  13. Knoxy

    Mx5 Engine And Box

    im fitting an mx5 1.8vvt and box into my 2b/4- sub k (not quite sure on model) im keeping the sierra diff to save modding the rear suspension. i've basically bought the entire mx5 removed all engine and box components, full loom, fuel tank, steering column, battery, switches etc and sold the rest im pretty much even on it now. did only buy the mx5 for 350 though.
  14. thanks wanderer and jez morton, will bear that in mind. will be using after market clocks as i have sierra diff but mx5 engine and box.
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