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  1. Ridgefeld

    Carb Problem

  2. Ridgefeld

    Carb Problem

    Now how strange is this , I checked the float height this morning ,both carbs were set at 20mm ,they are 10grm floats which I reset to 15mm as recommended , the 2nd carb now fills properly because the 1st carb in line no longer leaks ,how can raising the float level stop it leaking ,both have new needle valves
  3. Ridgefeld

    Carb Problem

    Also I used the rebuild kits supplied by Eurocarb on the Dellorto's
  4. Ridgefeld

    Carb Problem

    Hi guys I should have said , engine has a Gp1 cam and the head from an ex Brands Hatch race car with a few other bits thrown in -)
  5. Ridgefeld

    Carb Problem

    Hi guys I'm new to this site , I have an old Dutton (stop laughing) , it has at present a 2l pinto which I am about to put bike carbs back on because I cant stop the dhla 45s flooding even though rebuild with new seals etc , so to the bike carbs one cylinder backfires through a carb on start up and tick over , its fine higher in the rev range , the carbs are ex Honda and make is Keihin . Can anyone tell me how and where to adjust this please