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  1. I will follow your post with interest as I have a 2b with sliding pillars which has failed it’s MOT and I’m looking for spares and advice!
  2. Morning all Looking for a recommendation as to the best place to buy a Half Hood with zips for a 2b. Bought the car with a full hood that doesnt fit and at 64 struggle to get in when its on anyway!! Thanks for your help Pete
  3. Turned out be fireblade carbs, so thank you! Thanks, that was very helpful
  4. Turned out be fireblade carbs, so thank you!
  5. Fuel is coming out of the overflow pipe on the right hand pair as circled
  6. We bought it as a completed car, so not sure on the pump but will have a look
  7. Hi Andi They are bike carbs I believe and I have a picture, just trying to work out how to get it uploaded!
  8. Morning all After some advice, Recently bought a completed 2B and have a problem with the carb, which is over flowing from pot 3 or 4 Im trying to track down someone who recognises the carb and can recommend where to buy a service pack or where it can be sent for repair or alternatively what it can be replaced with. The engine I have is a 2.0l ford pinto Any advice/pointers would be great fully received as she is currently laid up
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