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    just testing

    Make sure pictures are .jpeg & not .bmp which are mahoosive in size!
  2. Have checked Ford part number on it & it's an Escort Mk6 93 AB-_3533__BE Suppose what I am saying is the 2 halves didn't fit very well & I have done the best job I can to Keep them together, but it's a real pain if you want to remove it! Could always get a more decent one, but was wondering what else may fit, assuming it's an Escort column? Thanks FT
  3. See what you mean!Take away your 'enhancements' what was the doner vehicle? i.e. Escort,Sierra etc.....
  4. Thinking of changing mine (bit tatty & been hacked about) not really sure what it came out of What works well on the RH? Are there any preferred / popular ones to install without chopping it about Your views & recommendations eagerly awaited Thanks Kevin
  5. Will retrace my steps inline with advice given, unfortunately will have to wait till Tuesday now
  6. Ok put some petrol in carbs, turned key, same old, cranks but doesn't fire up! Petrol in carb has disappeared, where will that have gone? Now we all know the old pinto is a 1342 firing order based upon 1 at TDC & the lead on the connection next to rotar arm direction (groove marker) However, looking at the wiring diagram in the Sierra Haynes manual (starting, charging & ignition, models up to 1987 except fuel injection) shows the following connections on distributor cap, looking from nearside (cylinders 1234 facing fan) Plug 1 - to 4 o'clock (ish) In a clockwise direction, followed by: plug 4 plug 3 plug 2 Doesn't tie in with 1342 order? Then the following diagram reveals something different again for the SOHC model Is it a case of get 1 in the right spot & place the remaining leads where you fancy, on the basis it will only fire in 1342 order?? More confused by the day
  7. Would that just be a direct feed from the battery?
  8. Don't laugh haven't got to that yet, will do & let you know
  9. Thanks, I can rule out the Ballast resistor then Is the crank sensor readily found? What about fuel cut off valve? Will root around Haynes manual & google, just hoping for the magic wand approach
  10. Woe is still me, but I am convinced it's not ignition(well not directly) Can someone point me in the direction of the following: 1 - The ballast resistor, presumably in-line from ignition to coil, what does it look like? 2 - The crank sensor 3 - Fuel cut off valve Would like to locate & check these items before plodding on to carbs The men in white coats are at the gate, but so far have not gained access (very close though) Thanks
  11. No points, electronic version, was beginning to wonder if it needs replacing
  12. Ps.I also used a screwdriver in cylinder 1 to confirm I was on compression stroke,which also corresponded to the dizzy marker alignment with rotary arm & crankAre we saying that despite this the Dizzy could be out if it had been moved?
  13. Going to be really dumb now, the Haynes manual (Sierra) for the Bosch dizzy states when the notch lines up & the crank markers are aligned then I am on the TDC of cylinder 1,then 342 thereafter clockwiseIs it possible to move the dizzy position, is this how the timing is advanced/retarded? If the engine does not start how would/could you use a strobe?? Maybe I will watch a film Infront of the woodburner instead.....but I am desparate to hit the highway! Thanks
  14. What does one clean them with if they are blocked, Sunday looking busy
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