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  1. Hello. Has anyone any photos of a typical robin hood sliding pillar setup. My pillar has movement though the pinch bolt is tight. Not sure how far down the pillar the clamp should be tightened. It was like this when bought. I think the last owner moved the pillar up the clàmp to allow for greater ground clearance. There is a wider section on the pillar but it was clamped towards the lower section of this area which allowed it to move around i think. Would be much appreciated.

    1. maca


      Have a look at my reply to:- 

      2B Sliding Pillar King Pins

      You will find 2- pictures I posted to it the other day.

      The sliding pillar should have a bracket that is welded to it that bolts through one of the brake caliper mounting holes, as well as being secured with the pinch bolt. 

      It could be that the tag that was fitted to the mud guard stay that went into the gap of the strut is not allowing it to be tightened securely.   


    2. charlz63


      Thanks for the photos mate. Your clamps look to be slightly higher than mine. The bracket that is secured with the brake caliper is in place but is not enough to stop movement. Have put a small weld on the right hand side pillar to the stub axle to stop movement but a bit of a cowboy job. Will take photos and try to post. Have not been successful posting a photo of my hood. Happy new year!