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    Whitburn Scotland
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    Now the proud owner of a Ford Sierra Based Robin Hood 7 kit Car! 1984 -Ford Sierra 1996 RH kit
    It's name is Moog6
    He is currently having a major facelift and will look like The Prisoner S2 lotus 7 or (As near dam it! ) lol.

    I am doing the face lift in between a very hectic time , I have my first book out now Tony Hancock- Spiral. It's selling very well indeed! Anyone want a copy?

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    Robin Hood 7S Kit Car
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    Dave Miles
  1. Moog6

    Website feedback thread

    Like it!! Very Modern! WELL DONE ALL Dave.
  2. Moog6

    After A Few Bits

    Also have triangle shape covers that fit at the bottom of the rear wings where it joins the sides of the car, £30
  3. Moog6

    After A Few Bits

    Hi, I have 2 new never used Front indicators chrome arm type never used. Cost £25 each will except £40 if interested. Regards, Dave.
  4. Moog6

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    I will find out, price not sure yet will let you know. Regards, Dave.
  5. Moog6

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

  6. Moog6

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    I will be removing them shortly. And will be for sale soon. All working. Speedo needs magnets placed near bye i believe? Dave.
  7. Moog6

    "cheap" Chinese Gauges

    I'm selling my Gauges off my Moog, they are white chrome.
  8. Moog6


    I have Minilite wheels on mine and they are just perfect!
  9. Hi, I have a grill with the number 7 in the middle in ok condition but it has a supporting piece missing? sure that can be fixed easily. Yours for £20 if you want it. Dave.
  10. Moog6

    After A Few Bits

    I have front repeaters New never used. Dave.
  11. Moog6

    Boys In Hoods Mag

    Haven't had mine yet!I
  12. Moog6

    Spare Wheel Support

    Thanks, Everyone.
  13. Moog6

    Spare Wheel Support

    Hi Dan, Thanks for replying. I think the tubing I have is 1/2 inch with a hole of course, not solid tubing. Dave
  14. Moog6

    Spare Wheel Support

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone recommend somebody who can make me the spare wheel support for back of the car which is just tubing bent at two corners. I have the tubing, but not sure how to do? Any help much appreciated. Can't believe these aren't avail ready to go on the shelf various sizes etc. SOMEBODY should corner the market on this!!! Dave.
  15. Moog6

    Narrow Seats

    Wish somebody would buy mine! Don't really want them to go to the dump!