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    Now the proud owner of a Ford Sierra Based Robin Hood 7 kit Car! 1984 -Ford Sierra 1996 RH kit
    It's name is Moog6
    He is currently having a major facelift and will look like The Prisoner S2 lotus 7 or (As near dam it! ) lol.

    I am doing the face lift in between a very hectic time , I have my first book out now Tony Hancock- Spiral. It's selling very well indeed! Anyone want a copy?

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  1. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Thanks Richy, Much appreciated!! Dave.
  2. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi, UPDATE!!!!! JIM CLARK EVENING IN LAUDER I have been informed that unfortunately Jim's Cousin Doug Niven won't be able to make it to the evening after all so not sure if Jim's Yellow lotus Elan will be there. It will still be a great evening! I can't Wait! Dave.
  3. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

  4. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

  5. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Been very busy decorating, Wife's orders lol. Managed to get to the car over the weekend. End is at last in site!!! Interior looking grand! Added some grey to the steering looks fab! Will be attending the Jim Clark Evening this Sat (20th April ) at 7pm at the Lauderdale Hotel in Lauder. Be a great night, Mem on show, films, talks, Jim's Yellow lotus Elan to be there, The New Lotus that's being raffled will also be present. Jim's Cousin Doug Niven will be there, and Jim's Friend and Mentor in the early years, Ian Scott Watson will also be there. The event is organised by The Jim Clark Fan Club and Borders. It's free entry there will also be a raffle. Enjoy! Dave.
  6. Moog6

    Fitting Steering Wheel

    Hi, they are all diff. I guess the best way is to take it off again, check for burring (Ie it might be causing it not to slide fully into place?)
  7. Moog6

    Fitting Steering Wheel

    Is it the steering lock on your col?
  8. Moog6

    Kev's Locost Turbo Build

    Hey got yourself a belter there!! Wishing you all the best with the build!!!
  9. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Thanks, Richyb, Duck. Glad you like the look! Yep flooring is new too. Hardwearing grey circle rubber. Collecting rear wheel support this weekend, then its the fun task of fitting it!!! Wire up fog, reverse and number plate light. Fix Gents thick wide belt too top of boot for spare wheel. Fit second speaker + Fit tweeter matching red vinyl panels + drivers side inner panel and floor. Then inner boot panels top and bottom. Fit rubber flooring into central column which is finished off with grey trim edge. Tidy up area inner surround of dash. Fit arm rests, paint up steering here and there That's about it I think. Later jobs will be...... have a boot cover made, fit hinges to frame for doors I have and get the front of the hood extended a few inches to fit the new roll over bar that was fitted a few years back. At least that way I will be dry! Moog6 is booked in to The Moffat , Thirlestane events, and of course The Linlithgow Classic Car Day/ 1st "Jim Clark Road Run" on August 25th. Not forgetting the first Scottish meet that I will org nearer Aug when the Jim Clark Museum reopens. Happy Days.....
  10. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

  11. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Coming along nicely
  12. Moog6

    First run

    WOW Looks amazing!!! WELL DONE!!!
  13. Moog6

    Dashboard Gauges

    All Gauges now sold! Dave.
  14. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Been busy with Moog's Electrics on the dash, all done! To Fin Moog, armrests, inner side panels, central column panel, bot dash panels, rear boot upper and lower inner panels, rubber flooring -driver & passenger sides (Same as boot), Metal panels front of bottom seats to fin off look. Fit 2 main speakers and tweeters (Bot of Dash), make up 2 deco metal panels (In front of Speakers to beginning of arm rests), fit new spare wheel support & rear Number plate + Light, fit fog lamp & Reverse lamp. At a later stage, extend top of hood to reach windscreen frame, fit hinges to windscreen frame for doors & Have a boot cover made. Moog 6 will then be finished!!! Dave. PICS TO FOLLOW...….
  15. Moog6

    Anyone know?

    Thanks Richy!!!