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    Now the proud owner of a Ford Sierra Based Robin Hood 7 kit Car! 1984 -Ford Sierra 1996 RH kit
    It's name is Moog6
    He is currently having a major facelift and will look like The Prisoner S2 lotus 7 or (As near dam it! ) lol.

    I am doing the face lift in between a very hectic time , I have my first book out now Tony Hancock- Spiral. It's selling very well indeed! Anyone want a copy?

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    Robin Hood 7S Kit Car
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    Dave Miles

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  1. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

  2. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    More pics....
  3. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Well, what can I say......... Moog6 isn't to far off finished now. Been busy today with the windscreen back on. Starting on Interior now and tomorrow. Dave
  4. Moog6

    Type 40 Webbers + Manifold

    3For Sale... Changing to 1 carb, hence sale of.... Type 40 Weber Carbs + Manifold. Warning- they are beasts!!! lol £350. Contact me if interested. Tel : 07486604937 Dave- (Scotland) Thanks, Dave.
  5. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everybody.... Have decided to let go the 2 Type 40 Webers in the car as I'm going to have have a Weber 32/36 Carb. They are beasts!!! So be warned!!! lol Both Carbs, Automatic choke, with Manifold £350. Which is a great price. If interested please message me. Thanks, Dave.
  6. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Thanks Marlin! Like your Car pic lol.
  7. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Thanks Jim!!
  8. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    RING THE BELLS!!!!!! Christmas has come early for me.... Personal Circumstances have changed dramatically overnight, which means I don't have to now, part with the car. Dave.
  9. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    It is with great regret, that for personal reasons i shall be selling Moog 6 when its finished. Anybody interested in Buying it message me. Thanks Everybody. Dave.
  10. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Here's my own designed Car Sticker, just for my car. I think it looks quite cool!!!
  11. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Moog6 is progressing to the finishing line!!! Working on this car every spare moment I have, enjoy. Dave,
  12. Moog6

    Like to buy an Exhaust box cover?

    Thanks Mr Chairman!!! That's more like it!!! Dave.
  13. Moog6

    Like to buy an Exhaust box cover?

    Hi thanks for the link! Bit to expensive!!! Thanks, Dave
  14. Hi everyone, Having trouble finding a bolt on exhaust cover for the box, that's made in the UK? Can anyone help? Thanks, Dave.
  15. Moog6

    The 1st "Jim Clark Road Run"

    Hi Everyone, I am Publicity/Promotions Manager for The Linlithgow Classic Car Group, Next 25th August marks our 10th Anniversary, and to celebrate this I am organising a very special event indeed. In memory of Jim Clark (Who's 50th Anniversary of passing, June gone), We are launching "The 1st Jim Clark Road Run". The Road Run will be limited to 100 cars. Each Car taking part on the day, will receive a specially designed plaque (designed by myself) which can be tied to the front of the car. These Plaques will become very sort after!!! They are Sponsored by Dragonfly- The Rally Plate Company. (You have to be there with your car at registration to gain the plaque!!!). I can add your name and car to a pre list, just message me . (This does not guarantee you a plaque, you and your car have to be there at registration on the day!!!) The Road Run will take around 2 hrs starting at 10.30am just outside Linlithgow, taking in the beautiful surrounding scenery. Then arriving at Linlithgow high street, joining the other 100 parked classic cars. Parking is on the high street, the cross, and in front of Linlithgow Palace. It would be nice to see some members cars taking part. I'm working on a special guest to start the Road Run along with Doug Niven (Jim Clarks cousin) and the event opens and kicks off at around 12.30. Doug will be bringing along Jim Clarks last owned car- his Yellow Lotus Elan. In attendance also will be the Jim Clark Trust, who are now raising money for the 2nd phase of the Jim Clark Museum. It's a lovely day, great atmosphere too!!! Thanks for your time. Regards, Dave Miles- Moog 6