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    Now the proud owner of a Ford Sierra Based Robin Hood 7 kit Car! 1984 -Ford Sierra 1996 RH kit
    It's name is Moog6
    He is currently having a major facelift and will look like The Prisoner S2 lotus 7 or (As near dam it! ) lol.

    I am doing the face lift in between a very hectic time , I have my first book out now Tony Hancock- Spiral. It's selling very well indeed! Anyone want a copy?

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  1. Moog6

    Anyone know?

    Thanks Richy!!!
  2. Moog6

    Anyone know?

    Hi Everyone, Anybody know where I can get the material that we have for our hoods/Roofs? I need some to make a boot cover! Its black and other side is grey/white and of course its waterproof. Any help much appreciated, Thanks, Dave.
  3. Moog6

    Dashboard Gauges

    Can I point out the Oil gauge is a mech one!!!
  4. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Been very cold up here lately, so slight delay on Moog's finishing, but got on the car today. Dashboard re wiring almost done! Few bits to re wire on Sunday. Finished Passenger side armrest, looks great, not bad for a first attempt ever lol. Then its on with the rest of the interior!!! Hope the weather up here in Scotland gets warmer soon, wanna drive Moog6 for some serious drives!!!! Will keep you up to date. Regards, Dave.
  5. Moog6

    Dashboard Gauges

    Hi, Gauges removed at last from Moog's Dashboard. I have cleaned them up, all working but not sure re the clock gauge?/ It wasn't wired. There is, Elec Speedo, Elec Water Temp, Elec Fuel, RPM and a Mechanical Oil Gauge. Off my Ford Sierra 2 lt engine. & Clock gauge. Chrome good/Ex, ( Oil Gauge will need a repaint! ) £100 for the lot,+ £5 P & P. If your interested please send me a message. Also for sale, 2 x handmade outer suspension body covers, BRG colour (Will need repainting) Very smart looking!!! £40 ono. Thanks, all, Dave.
  6. Hi Lloyd, Welcome to the club. Wish you well with the project!!! I completely rebuilt mine, how I want it. Nearly finished. Regards, Dave.
  7. Moog6

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    Thanks for your comment Phil! I'm doing another Canvas of Jim which is being donated the The Jim Clark Museum later this year. They have the option to sell prints of that with my blessing, with all the sales going back into the museum. I may just do some more paintings of Jim in the future, where I could sell prints. Regards, Dave.
  8. Moog6

    winter body work

    Great Job, very pro, Amazing! Dave.
  9. Moog6

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    Here's another great pic from the day, Doug, me and the headmaster .
  10. Moog6

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    Jims Racing Suit.
  11. Moog6

    New Jim Clark Painting unveiled!!!!

    Doug giving the thumbs up to my Canvas of his Cousin Jim Clark.
  12. Hi Everyone, Very proud to have my Canvas painting of Jim Clark unveiled this afternoon by Jim's Cousin Doug Niven. It will permanently hang in Clifton Hall School nr Edinburgh, where Jim Schooled. Great day and Doug loved the image. Doug also brought along one of Jims Original race suits and unbeknown to me, its the same suit I had painted in the canvas, amazing!!! Dave.
  13. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

  14. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Well I have been very busy with the progression of Moog 6. The finishing line is within sight!!!! Just a few bits and bobs to finish hear and there. trimming, Spare wheel fitting, Exhaust Cover , Flooring with nice metal flooring trim etc. Here's the latest pics.......