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  1. Moog6

    Starting problem

    Stick to old type plugs! Had he same problem with the 4 prong type!
  2. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone..... Moog 6 Had its first event attendance over the weekend at the Moffat Rally and Classic Car Day. The rally on the Saturday was amazing!! And I can certainly say Moog responded amazingly to all the twist and turns etc. The rally was the first time I have had to really try out the car. Then I returned on the Sunday for the big Classic Car Day Event. Over 900 cars in attendance. It really is one of the best organised events in the UK. I was showing off Moog and busy promoting The Linlithgow Classic Car Day And the 1st Jim Clark Road Run which takes place on 25th August. Response was amazing and quite a few have signed up to take part on the run. Many people came and chatted re Jim, remembering seeing him race when they were young, so much respect for the Legend. Enjoy the pics...… Dave.
  3. Hi Never been to these Is it for race cars only or can i put my kit on the track? Is it free?
  4. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone Over the moon this morning, MOOG6 passed its MOT with flying colours!!!! Yay!!!!
  5. Moog6

    Anyone going?

    Hi, anyone going to the Thirlestane Castle, (Near Lauder), event, on the 2nd? Me and Moog6 will be there on show in the 1980's section. Dave.
  6. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    HI Everyone, some more up to date pics.....
  7. Moog6

    It’s a pass!

    Hey that's Amazin!!! Very Well done!!!!
  8. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Was on the car for 12 hours yesterday doing trim. Few bits still to do, but looking amazing now. Extremely pleased with my home made Rollover bar surrounding plates! Lovely day today and just had to take Moog 6 out for a wee run. Many heads turned, people coming up to chat about the car etc. Car driving lovely, had the wind in my hair cd player on, sun out and just cruising, Bliss!!! Some pics today...…. Dave.
  9. Hi Everyone, Sad News, A life changing decision for me and my wife's health was made last night, so I am selling my beloved Moog6. As you know, via my build blog, a lot of Money blood sweat and tears (When I hit my thumb!!!) lol, has gone into this specially created Robin Hood 7 Kit. It's a beautiful car, few bits still to do which I'm working on this weekend. I'm lookin for around £10.000 which is a fair price! It's Mot'd till June but will sale through a new one. It drives fantastic (Recently tuned) is certainly a head turner, has a new Alternator & Fuel pump too. If you are seriously interested in buying Moog, please PM me or by all means ring me on 07486604937 I will be adding some final pics on Sunday. (Please See My Build Blog for build details etc.) I and the car are Based in Whitburn West Lothian. Thanks, Dave.
  10. It's Just the wheel for sale now!!!!!! So £50 gets you a brand new wheel!!!!!
  11. Hi, After an expensive build with no cock ups, i made just one! lol I bought the wrong size spare wheel So for sale is a brand new mini Light wheel Silver + New Tyre . Have been told it will fit an Mg/ Triumph. See Pics... Wheel details- 5.5 x 14 JBW ML 4 x 114.3 ET 22 silver 068.1 Tyre details - Royal Passenger 185/60 R14/82 H £125 for both can be picked up or posted, buyer will need to sort courier. Thanks, Dave.
  12. Hi, Welcome to the club! Do check out if your battery is charging up with a multi meter. Making sure currant is constant while engine is running if it isn't check connections etc. Your battery shouldn't be draining?Tune up is always a good thing. Dave
  13. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Lol, I can't use a small wheel, prefer larger and to me it looks perfect.
  14. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all driving your kits? I have been . Been fantastic driving Moog6 around, getting lots of great comments, car headlight flashing as I go past, thumbs ups etc. Been working on the interior the last few days and Moog6 is really looking great now. The Jim Clark Museum is reopening in July, so will organise the first Scottish meet up real soon. Best, Dave.
  15. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Thanks Richy, Much appreciated!! Dave.
  16. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi, UPDATE!!!!! JIM CLARK EVENING IN LAUDER I have been informed that unfortunately Jim's Cousin Doug Niven won't be able to make it to the evening after all so not sure if Jim's Yellow lotus Elan will be there. It will still be a great evening! I can't Wait! Dave.
  17. Moog6

    Moog6 Update

    Hi Everyone, Been very busy decorating, Wife's orders lol. Managed to get to the car over the weekend. End is at last in site!!! Interior looking grand! Added some grey to the steering looks fab! Will be attending the Jim Clark Evening this Sat (20th April ) at 7pm at the Lauderdale Hotel in Lauder. Be a great night, Mem on show, films, talks, Jim's Yellow lotus Elan to be there, The New Lotus that's being raffled will also be present. Jim's Cousin Doug Niven will be there, and Jim's Friend and Mentor in the early years, Ian Scott Watson will also be there. The event is organised by The Jim Clark Fan Club and Borders. It's free entry there will also be a raffle. Enjoy! Dave.
  18. Hi, they are all diff. I guess the best way is to take it off again, check for burring (Ie it might be causing it not to slide fully into place?)
  19. Is it the steering lock on your col?
  20. Hey got yourself a belter there!! Wishing you all the best with the build!!!
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