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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if a 1960's lotus Elan Wheel will fit 1984 Ford Sierra wheel running gear? If they will, i'm looking for a set of 5 (With Hub locators Thanks, Dave.
  2. Ok, thanks for that, I will get to make the s2 design bigger.
  3. Being a Newie, I do hope to attend some events in the future!
  4. Hi Everyone, Picking up my Kit Car In June, A dream come true. Can't wait!!!! Dave.
  5. This is fantastic news indeed!!!!! I am buying and collecting my Robin Hood S7 Kit car at the end of June. It has a 1984 Ford Sierra Pinto engine Webber 40 Carbs. The car was registered in 1997. Dave.
  6. Hi Everyone, Does anybody know anyone in the West Lothian area who can tune up my Webber 40 carbs? Thanks a million. Dave.
  7. Hi thanks for your reply. Will look into it. Regards, Dave.
  8. Hi Any help with this would be most grateful? Is it possible to fit Smiths gauges to a 1984 2lt pinto Sierra Run kit car? 8)Thanks, Dave.
  9. Hi Everyone, New here, can anyone help with this question? Will a Lotus 7 S2 Nosecone fit a Robin Hood S7 Kit Car? Thanks, Dave
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