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  1. Gavlar

    Caster Angle Not Right

    So I have just had another look at the suspension. Seems that the top hats have been welded into place? I can't seem to take a photo that is small enough in size to show, 100kb limit is on for me at the moment.
  2. Gavlar

    Caster Angle Not Right

    Ah. Now I get it. Thank you, gentlemen, for the input. The suspension shall be stripped tomorrow lets see if this is the case. Virtual beers on me. Gavlar
  3. Gavlar

    Caster Angle Not Right

    Thanks for the quick response. "First thing I would do is make sure the top hats position is matched left and right" - How is this achieved. I just thought they slot into the hub carrier. I have measured the height of each of them and they appear equal. I do hope it is just the positioning as you say.
  4. Hello Folks, I seem to be running into one issue after another but I am in this for the long run so am determined to get this right. The caster angle on the Near Side front appears to be negative, slightly tilted towards the back of the car, but the Off Side appears to be almost up right bordering positive, leaning forwards. It has a GBS type wishbone setup on the 2b and the wishbones appear to be the same length. Is it possible that the hubs are not the same in that they have different caster angles set? I'd hate to think that I have got a car with a twisted chassis as I'd be xxxx'd . Any help on this would be appreciated. Regards Gavlar.
  5. Gavlar

    Steering Rack Mounting

    Hello All So I am quickly getting to speed what I think needs doing to my Robin Hood 2b. One of the issues I have run into was the steering. I was told when I purchased it that it needed setting up, this I understood as its got the wishbone setup and adjustable springs. However, I am thinking this is now wrong. To summaries the steering rack looks raised at one side versus the other. Looking at it further it seem that the steering rack has been raised by it being put on top of blobs of weld. Further more, I am not sure if this is right or not so looking for guidance, is that the rack is sat a little further back behind the front wishbone mounts. I am thinking that they should be parallel? Does anyone have any pictures of how theirs is setup. If I need to I shall get the rack off and put a new one in. Any help would be appreciated. I can't seem to load photos on the forum? I am happy to put links to my google drive if needed. Best regards Gavin
  6. Gavlar

    Seat Runners

    Thanks for the tips. The seat is out, one side is smooth running just needs greasing but the other is juddery as hell. Seems like a bearing in the runner is either bone dry or failed. The locking mechanism works ok when out but I noticed that the frame was slightly bent so that got hit with a hammer. I'll pop it back in and see how it works out. Also I will get some pictures up and running so you can see what I have. Regards Gavin
  7. Gavlar

    Seat Runners

    Hello Everyone, So I have jumped in with both feet and purchased a Robinhood 2b, its ok but needs a bit of love. One of the items is the drivers seat. Under heavy acceleration it shoots back which I found out pretty quickly once I had bought it. My question is the runners that the seat goes on to, is it a custom item? Looking at the one I have it seems to have been hacked/welded to make it and then bolted with 4 bolts to the floor pan. I have got some other bits to do to it but hopefully I can turn this into the car I have wanted for 20 years. All the best Gavlar