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  1. Boylesport

    Pinto Coolant System Bleeding

    Finally got a picture to show you what type of cooling system it has
  2. Boylesport

    Pinto Coolant System Bleeding

    Thanks for the help guys, i managed to get it bled yesterday by jacking the rear up and leaving the header tank open. Few pumps of the top hose finally saw the temp gauge come back to life. A few more jobs and it'll be ready for use.
  3. Boylesport

    Pinto Coolant System Bleeding

    Thanks for the replies everyone. Sorry I forgot that picture may be handy, Ill get one and post it up. The system runs a civic toyo sports rad and an expansion bottle up near the bulk head. It does have some copper pipe work plumbing near the exhaust manifold which comes out of the bottom hose and seems to go in to the inlet manifold? That pipework also has a bleed screw built in. I think jacking the car up may be a good suggestion.
  4. Boylesport

    Pinto Coolant System Bleeding

    Hello all I'm new to the kit car scene and have just picked up an S7. Great car but wanted to do a few jobs to make sure it's good for summer. It's recently had a new head gasket so I changed the coolant as it was a bit brown from where the gasket had gone previously. I thought I had the system bled but is there any trick to getting them bled properly? I don't think the radiator top hose has any water in it yet. When I ran it up it was fine but I took it out for a drive and the needle went to zero and there was a lot of air in the system. Any advice appreciated