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  1. Mph28

    Exmo Rear Axle Width

    Thanks for the reply, mine has drums. Looks like I'm buying a caravan chassis
  2. Mph28

    Exmo Rear Axle Width

    Hi I have an exmo with a sierra rear axle and minilites and need to know the total axle width. Looking to buy a caravan chassis to convert to a transporter and it's for sale near to where I am today but my car is 120miles away at home. Thanks in advance if anyone knows the answer.
  3. Mph28

    Exmo Camber Problem

    Thanks all. Sorted it this afternoon. Wrong part supplied,new one about 20mm shorter. New parts collected and fitted problem solved. Thanks for pointing me the right direction Cheers
  4. Mph28

    Exmo Camber Problem

    Hi after my car ( Exmo) failed on front track control arms bushes i have replaced them but now have camber issues on the drivers side only. the wheel now have very noticeable positive camber on the one side only. I cant see any way to adjust camber at all Thanks for any replies in advance cheers
  5. Mph28

    Whats Wrong With This Exmo

    He has dropped the price to 5k now. Asked about the buttresses and he says they've been strengthened